Executive Council Meeting

November 4, 2000
Muncie, IN


 The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by the President, who chaired the meeting. Not in attendance was the NAA representative, Don Koranda.

President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President Doug Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Don Krafft, Duxbury, MA; II-Dave Mathewson, Camillus, NY; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Chuck Foreman, Kill Devil Hills, NC; V-Jim McNeill, Birmingham, AL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Bill Oberdieck, Southgate MI; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; IX-Russ Miller, Carrington, ND; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Bruce Nelson, Spokane, WA; Executive Director Joyce Hager; recording secretary JoAnne Brown. 

In attendance from headquarters staff were Steve Kaluf, Jay Mealy, Carl P. Maroney, Vicki Barkdull, Rob Kurek and Greg Minch. Joe Gelwicks AMA general counsel also attended. 

Guests included District VIII Contest Coordinator Doug Powell; AVP District VII Tom Pierce; Frank Ponteri, IMAA; and from R. C. C. A. Chris Shepherd, Ronald W. Horton Jr, and G. Philip Rossman, II.


  • The President reported that Bob Vojslavek had passed away. Since Bob had been instrumental in getting the RC car track on the AMA property, the track has been named after him.
  • The President was approached regarding possible free membership for the Electric World Championship workers (as was done previously for Nationals workers.) AMA is no longer awarding free membership to Nationals workers and on that basis, will not provide it for world championship workers.

  • A letter of thanks was received by the President from the parents of a youth member who received an AMA Scholarship award in 1994. The award aided him in attending the college of his choice.

  • The President also received a letter of thanks from Darryl Watts regarding Camp Jeep.

  • A corporate resolution is needed relative to some banking. This resolution requires adoption by the board of directors. It was moved, seconded, and adopted by acclamation to approve Doug Holland to work with BOTC (Bank One Trust Company.)


MOTION I: To accept the minutes of the July 10, 2000 Executive Council meeting. The MOTION passed unanimously.


  • It was reported that AMA has come upon a deal that allows bonds in lieu of conventional financing for the new headquarters building. The cost is approximately half the cost of conventional financing. The bank will allow refinancing of the present debt on the present building. This will be a significant savings over the next ten years. There are alternatives to raising additional money (already approved) in the event the deal falls through.
  • The EVP will continue to study the procedures and work with committees on coordinating their needs through the approved budget.
  • The EVP will review insurance costs/structure and define where risks are. A claims analysis will be included in the underwriting of the new insurance.
  • A report will be provided to Council by the EVP prior to signing the bond papers.


  • The ED has received approval from the Indiana State Dept. of Health regarding the dump site. A bathroom will be tied into the area for the maintenance crew.
MOTION II: Moved by B. Brown (III), seconded by R. Miller (IX), That the Executive Director proceed with the completion of the dump station. The MOTION passed unanimously.
  • The new road to complete the loop on site should be paved within the next two weeks. The Academy received two checks from the NFFS totaling almost $30,000 for this project. Acknowledgment will be given to NFFS via the ED column.
  • The following mail vote of September 8, 2000 was read into these minutes:
MOTION SUMMARY: To accept the Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Model Aeronautics regarding declaration of official intent to reimburse expenditures. Motion passed: 12 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI, EVP, NAA), 
1 no (X).
  • Congratulations was given to Carl Maroney on his 25th anniversary with the Academy.
  • An article in TIME Magazine was available for Council to see. This article displayed a positive spin on model aviation and the people involved.
  • Anticipate the April council meeting to be in the new headquarters building.


Budget - R. Miller
The chairman commended the Executive Director on her excellent command of the budget. He requested that council member that may have a proposal for 2001 contact Doug, himself or the ED and verify the funds are available within the budget. The President explained that most of the items included in the budget are set as maximums and the full amount is not always expended.

MOTION III: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by B. Brown (III), To accept the 2001 budget as presented. The MOTION passed unanimously.

Bylaws/Standing Rules - B. Brown
The Chairman stated that the minor problems encountered with regard to the nominating procedures can be resolved by adding fifteen days to each item on the nominating schedule. The Chairman recommended, and the President agreed, there may be a need to look at restructuring the Academy. Not to be less responsive to the membership, but to protect the organization as a whole so it can continue to service the membership. The President questioned whether a committee should be formed within the board, to decide on a process that this can be done. The process should include combined expertise from outside of the board. The bylaws will need to be brought up to date. The Chairman agreed to develop a motion to address the issue for the next meeting if he receives input from other Council members on the direction they wish to take.

Clubs for Schools - Nelson
During discussion at the last meeting, it was mutually agreed to expand the focus beyond schools, to include all youth clubs. Items being considered at this time include what constitutes a club; youth dues; consideration of free membership for adult/sponsor; and any stipulations to put on who can be a sponsor. The consensus of the committee was that the club should be self-supporting. Will do target mailings to groups advising what is available with the program and who might like to be involved. (4-H, scouting groups, etc.) The President added Jack Frost to the committee.

Contest Directors - McNeill (Appendix III)
The Committee is examining ways to hold CD"s accountable for their actions and developing an outline of their responsibilities. The Chairman noted that S. Kaluf is working on guidelines for event directors. B. Nelson presented the Committee’s document, "Proposed Method of Handling Complaints re: CD"s". He included the Committee’s recommendations on a job description into that document. Steve Kaluf was added to the committee. They will look at restructuring the bylaws and including those changes in the CD Guide. This item will be revisited at the next meeting.

New HQ Building - Foreman
Construction is going well and ahead of schedule. An approximate completion date is mid to end of January 2001. Council reviewed the architect’s concept for changes to the exterior of the existing museum building. The Committee recommends Council consider having the documents prepared to change the existing building, and hold those until financially prepared. The President expanded the charge of the museum steering committee to include the interior design and expansion of the museum. He will review the committee and appoint a new chairman. Council was in agreement with the general concept of the exterior of the existing museum as presented, but will hold off on architectural drawings at this time.

Marketing/Membership - HQ (Appendix IV)
The results of the web site survey developed by Rob Kurek and results put together by Richard van den Bosch were reviewed. Most significant was that more non members responded than members. This points out a tremendous opportunity with the web site, but at a cost for enhancements. The validation of marketing/membership was questioned. The President noted there is evidence of success which is shown by membership growth while a marketing effort was present. The ED is working on hiring an in-house marketing person. In the next year the goal is to have renewals and supply/service on line. A new Headquarters Marketing Committee will be developed which will include a member from Council. The Executive Director is tasked with bringing a (rough draft) marketing plan to the next meeting.

Safety - Maroney
The Committee met on September 9 and minutes were mailed to Council members. By Council action, cages have been eliminated from the course. However, a cage is required for the workers if a site has a layout of less than 300 feet. A waiver to this requirement may be requested. The Safety Committee recommends supporting Council action to eliminate the cages from the course, but include the caveat that no reduction is given in the 300 foot line; no waivers would be issued. After some discussion Council was not in favor of not issuing waivers. Waivers are issued only after extreme consideration and scrutiny, and on the availability of cages. It was then discussed what to do with the cages that are not needed. The VP’s will talk with racers in their district and determine if cages are needed within the district. Will issue a statement in Model Aviation Magazine saying the redistribution of cages is about to get underway, if needed, contact S. Kaluf at headquarters. He will work with C. Maroney and AMA legal counsel on a sales document to reduce potential product liability. VP’s were asked to review the code of conduct for the 2001 safety code. This will be discussed at a later date.

Council then went into Executive Session at 11:40 a.m. and completed that session at 12: 40 p.m.

Nats Committee Meeting - Kaluf
Committee met on October 28, 2000. Nats were well attended with the exception of control line combat, which was due in part to the world championships being held at the same time. Schedule will be posted soon. The dates for the Nats do not need to be extended to accommodate the Science Olympiad event. It was noted that the last couple of years, the running of the Nats has resulted in a net gain. Accolades were given to the SIG’s.


IMAA Safety Video - D. Brown
Council received an outline of the proposed video. The Safety Committee recommends AMA assist with funding. The video would be made available to charter clubs at a cost. The Safety Committee will receive a finalized version of the script.

MOTION IV:  Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by D. Holland (EVP), To approve funding for IMAA Safety Video in the amount of $8,000. The MOTION passed unanimously.


Sanction Procedures - Foreman
The Chairman noted an improvement in dialogue between IMAA and AMA regarding sanctioning. He expressed concern relative to IMAA sanctions being given approval prior to coordination with the AMA District Contest Coordinators. He indicated that a motion from the February 1993 EC meeting requires IMAA to send a response card to the AMA coordinator to determine if any major scheduling problems may exist. This is not being done. IMAA President Frank Ponteri addressed the Council. He agreed there was a problem with coordinating last year, but feels this has been corrected with the new IMAA coordinator. Mr. Ponteri assured Council that notification of an event from the IMAA coordinator will be sent to AMA coordinators. If the IMAA coordinator is not contacted by AMA coordinator within 7 (seven) working days, he will sanction the event.

MOTION V:  Moved by C. Foreman (IV), seconded by J. McNeill (V), All AMA Special Interest Groups requesting a sanction from AMA for an event that uses an AMA licensed Contest Director, be it for rule book or non rule book events, must first submit the sanction request to the AMA District Contest Coordinator for the district where the event will be held. The District Contest Coordinator will process the request and notify the special interest group that the request is approved providing there is no conflict with an AMA chartered club in that district. If there is a conflict the special interest group will be notified and can request another date. Motion failed: 1 yes (IV), 10 no (I, II, III, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, EVP), 1 abstain (V).

Consider disaster assistance funding for club - Nelson
The VP is requesting assistance for a club whose site was involved in the wildfires in the Northwest.

MOTION VI: Moved by B. Nelson (XI), seconded by R. Hanson (X), To allocate $2,000 on a matching fund basis for disaster assistance funding for club #3342, The Miniature Aircraft Association. (Funding to come from the Flying Site Assistance Fund.) The MOTION passed. 
9 yes (II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, X, XI, EVP), 
3 no (I, VIII, IX).

Request paid entry fee for US teams to World Air Games - D. Brown
The FAI created an event held every four years, called the World Air Games. Included in the games is the category of aeromodeling. There is interest in the control line community by members who wish to attend these games. The President has received a request that AMA pay the entry fee only for those attending. The entry fee is expected to be $300/person. The AMA Team Selection Committees are selecting the teams.

MOTION VII: Moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by B. Nelson (XI), That AMA will pay the Entry Fee only for the U.S. teams at the World Air Games for the year 2001. (Funds will come from the President’s budget.) The MOTION passed. 
11 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, XI, EVP), 
1 abstain (IX).

Budget $5,000 for 2001 Camp Jeep - Foreman
Pictures were on display from the Camp Jeep 2000 event. The modeling portion of the event was very well received.

MOTION VIII: Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by B. Nelson (XI), That AMA budget $5,000 for participation in Camp Jeep 2001 and plan for AMA headquarters to send one or two headquarters staff to assist with the operation. Have Model Aviation Magazine cover the event for a feature article with an on site representative. (Funds will come from the Marketing budget.) The MOTION passed unanimously.

It was also stated that a planning meeting (not included in the Camp Jeep budget, but charged to Other Officer Expenses) would be scheduled at HQ prior to this event. Those attending would be the District IV VP and 3 District AVPs.

Discuss building materials of certain models used in sport combat - Oberdieck
This item is being brought to Councils attention as a result of a motion from the July EC meeting regarding sport combat. Members have stated that the .30 engine is hard to come by. The VP is concerned with the structural material used in building the sport combat plane and any potential liability involved. After Council discussion, and with input from RCCA members, no action was taken.

Notification to reconsider Motion VI of July 10, 2000 EC meeting - B. Brown

MOTION IX: Moved by B. Brown (III), seconded by D. Mathewson (II), To reconsider Motion IV of the July 10, 2000 Executive Council meeting regarding changes to the Safety Code. The MOTION passed.
11 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, EVP), 
1 no (XI).

Following the motion to reconsider, discussion continued on the Safety Committee’s recommended changes to the Safety Code. The main concern was not engine size, but the need for a site setback regulation. The President introduced the need for possible restructure of the Safety Code; one section for individual code and another addressing specific event rules.

MOTION X: Moved by D. Mathewson (II), seconded by R. Hanson (X), To approve the Safety Committee’s Safety Code Revision Recommendations of July 10, 2000 meeting, excluding the reference to RADIO CONTROL item 6: "models flown in air-to-air combat are limited to maximum total engine displacement of .30 cu. In. And maximum dry weight prior to flying of 4 lbs." The MOTION passed.
11 yes (II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, EVP), 
1 no (I).
MOTION XI: Moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by R. Miller (IX), To add to the Safety Committee’s Safety Code revision: For Combat, distance between flight line and spectator line will be 500 feet per cubic inch of engine displacement. (Example: .40 engine = 200 feet.) The MOTION passed.
10 yes (II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI, EVP), 
2 no (I, X).

The changes to the Safety Code will be published in Model Aviation Magazine.

Allocate additional funds to District II Budget - Mathewson

MOTION XII: Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by B. Brown (III), To allocate an additional $1,000 for the District II VP budget for the remainder of the year 2000. The MOTION passed.
11 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI, EVP), 
1 abstain (VIII).

Consider Senior Citizen discount for year 2002 - Bauer
The number of senior citizens is growing, resulting in approximately $300,000 in lost revenue. A proposal was put forth giving the senior citizen discount to those born in 1935 and before, starting in 2002. Also, those members who are 80 years of age and have been a member for 30 continuous years shall be issued free membership. The motion would grandfather everyone who has the discount now. This would save AMA $20,000 the first year, $40,000 the second year. May consider looking at a phase in plan; and a discount similar to that afforded AARP members. Will come back at next meeting with proposal that would offer percent reduction on AMA services to Senior Citizens.

MOTION XIII: Moved by C. Bauer (VI), seconded by R. Miller (IX), A Senior Citizen discount for the year 2002 and beyond license renewal, shall be given to those persons born in 1935 or before. This motion was tabled until the next meeting.
MOTION XIV: Moved by R. Miller (IX), seconded by B. Brown (III), To table MOTION XIII until the next Council meeting. The MOTION passed.
10 yes (I, II, III, IV, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, EVP), 
2 no (V, VI).

Review Hall of Fame process - Hanson
This proposal was brought about by Cliff Weirick, HoF committee chairman, with concurrence by the committee (Council of Past Presidents). The HoF committee would like the award to be a function of the Academy, keeping in place the core organization of the Council of Past Presidents as those that drive the organization, in addition to the members added a few years ago (a representative from each district). The President spoke on the issue as one who was involved with the process. He perceived one of the problems with the Hall of Fame to be it’s lack of organizational structure. Concern was expressed over renaming the award the AMA Hall of Fame and AMA taking over the award. It could open the path for award to become more politicized. The HoF committee is concerned with the administration and survival of the award. It was noted that the committee has no form of structure for the award, and they have no governing body. The President would like the opportunity to get together with the past presidents and determine how they want this done.

MOTION XV: 1. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Hall of Fame (HoF) is now established and recognized as an official function of the AMA and will be administered by the AMA through the HoF Selection Committee. The HoF Selection Committee will consist of the Council of Past Presidents of the AMA and one representative from each AMA district. The Council of Past Presidents will appoint one member from among their numbers to act as chairman. The AMA District Vice Presidents will make recommendations regarding committee member representatives from their districts. District representatives must reside within the district they represent.

2. The AMA will: a) Solicit HoF nominations from AMA general membership, collate and distribute nominations to the HoF Selection Committee. b) Accept the HoF inductee’s list from the selection committee and prepare HoF certificates and awards. c) Where feasible, the AMA President or ranking official of the AMA will present HoF awards to the inductees to ensure the prestige of the AMA and the HoF is preserved.

3. HoF Selection Committee will: a) Develop policies and procedures for the conduct of the selection process. b) Write and distribute written procedures. The adoption of these policies and procedures and any subsequent changes will require a 2/3 majority vote of the Selection Committee. c) Determine the selection of the annual inductee’s into the AMA HoF. d) Provide the AMA administration with the annual list of the selected inductees. e) Keep required records, data and information regarding all nomination and selection records.

This motion died for lack of a second.

Request review by SIG Committee for observance of required standards for SIG status - Frank
There was concern expressed over the possibility of some SIG’s being in violation of the duties and mandates that were required when they were accepted as SIG’s. Especially regarding elections of officers and bylaws amendment procedures. The criteria for SIG’s was then reviewed. A complaint was sent to a SIG, questioning their election process and the process for bylaws amendments. It was pointed out that AMA can not require what the SIG bylaws state, only that they provide a copy to AMA. The SIG committee chairman will be sending notice to all SIG’s that they must provide a copy of their bylaws annually to the AMA. He then requested approval of a new SIG, noting they meet all the criteria set forth by the AMA.

MOTION XVI: Moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by R. Miller (IX), To accept the new AMA Special Interest Group NIRCAC (National Indoor Remote Control Aircraft Council.) The MOTION passed unanimously.

Before the next agenda item was address, the President noted Council needs to accept the 2001 Nationals as a 5A contest and the dates.

MOTION XVII: Moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by C. Bauer (VI), To accept the 2001 Nationals as a 5A contest, dates are Indoor May 30-June 3, 2001 and Outdoor July 6-August 2, 2001. The MOTION passed unanimously.

Establish a Flying Site Acquisition and Development Committee - Hanson
It was proposed that a committee be established to provide oversight and focus in this effort, and to review the goals and objectives of the Academy’s activities in this area. It was felt that the review should be done by the Executive Director. The Flying Site Coordinators (Appendix VI) are working in conjunction with Jay Mealy at headquarters. The ED suggested waiting a year on formation of a committee to see how things progress.

MOTION XVIII: Moved by R. Hanson (X), seconded by C. Bauer (VI), The AMA Executive Council establish a standing committee titled the Flying Site Acquisition and Development Committee to oversee the Academy’s activities in this area.

The Chairman of the committee will be appointed by the AMA President. Committee members will be appointed by the chairman and shall consist of AMA Executive Council members, AMA Leader members and others deemed beneficial to the committee’s activities. The AMA Executive Director shall appoint one member from the AMA staff to facilitate the committee. It is recommended this individual be the Flying Site Acquisition and Development program director or a member of his/her staff.

The committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the committee chairman, but shall meet no less than one (1) each calendar year.

 The duties of the committee shall include but not be limited to: Reviewing and approving the Flying Site Acquisition and Development mission statement and annual goals and objectives; Reviewing monthly program progress reports submitted to the committee by the program director; At the end of each year, evaluating the program’s progress in meeting the stated goals and objectives and reporting the results of the evaluation to the Executive Council.

This motion was tabled. (As a point of information, tabling this motion until the first meeting of 2002 does not mean that the subject can not be brought up again at a subsequent council meeting prior to the 2002 meeting.)
MOTION XIX: Moved by C. Foreman (IV), seconded R. Miller (IX), To table MOTION XVIII until the first Executive Council meeting of 2002. The MOTION passed.
8 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, IX, EVP), 
4 no (VII, VIII, X, XI).

Review annual AMA Dues payments - McNeill
A District VP has received email expressing the desire to have AMA annual dues collected at a time other than the end of the year. They cited club dues and the holidays as a part of their reasoning for moving the date. The ED pointed out that it is not just a matter of shifting dues collection; other items to be considered include the annual election, insurance, and financing the organization. The ED suggested looking at fiscal year membership renewals, but the subject should be under the auspices of a committee. No action was taken.

Approve reimbursement of shipping charges for pylon cages - Hanson
This request is for reimbursement of expenditures incurred by a club for shipping the AMA pylon cages. Prior to the running of the event, Council passed the motion taking workers off the course, resulting in the cages not being needed for said event. The Executive Director was directed to reimburse the club.

February 10-11, 2001 in Muncie, IN
April 28-29, 2001 in Muncie, IN (this meeting is expected to be held in the new hq building.)
July 9, 2001 in Muncie, IN
October 27-28, 2001 in Muncie, IN

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.