AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions

November 1, 2003
Muncie, Indiana


NOTE: District X VP Rich Hanson was not in attendance.
The following motions were approved by acclamation:

• To accept the minutes of the July 12, 2003 Executive Council meeting.
• To approve the sanction for the 2004 National Aero Modeling Championships as a “AAAAA” event; with Indoor to be held May 26-30, 2004 and Outdoor June 25-August 6, 2004.
• To approve the bid for the United States (AMA) to host the 2007 F3C World Championships.
The following mail votes were read into the Minutes:

• To place Michael Moss’ name on the ballot for the 2004 election. Passed.
• To award the Distinguished Service Award to Kai Jensen. Passed.

Note: The motion to amend the budget (MOTION II), was voted prior to voting on acceptance of the 2004 budget (MOTION I).
Motion I: Moved and seconded to accept the budget for 2004, as amended. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion II: Moved and to amend the budget for 2004 by adding $121,000. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion III: Moved and seconded to accept the document titled Safety Regulations for Fixed/Rotary Wing Model Aircraft Gas Turbines, with changes/corrections.
*Caveat: Any turbine waiver applied for this year (as of the time this document is voted on), is grandfathered in for the first year (2004). This means an applicant does not have to complete the 20 flights until their renewal comes up (for 2005). All those applying as of January 1, 2004, will have to comply with the requirements.
Motion passed: 8 yes; 3 no (V, VII, IX); 1 abstain (NAA).
Prior to voting on the the original above motion, it was moved to amend the document items regarding static thrust and speed. This amendment died for lack of a second.
It was then moved to table the item. This action failed due to lack of a second.
A conference call was held on Friday, November 14, 2003, regarding Motion III that was recently passed at the last Executive Council meeting. It was moved and seconded that Motion III involving Turbine Regulations passed at the November 1, 2003, Executive Council Meeting be held in abeyance pending a review of the airframe requirements with inputs from the Safety Committee, Turbine Advisory Committee, Turbine Community, and the JPO.

The AMA Executive Council has just completed its emergency Council meeting (Conference Call) regarding the new Turbine Operating rules.

After much discussion it was decided to suspend implementation of the new rules pending further input on the engine and airframe requirements for turbine powered aircraft. For risk management purposes, the EC's primary focus is on limiting the maximum speed of these aircraft to no more than 200 mph. The AMA Safety Committee and the turbine community will be asked for input and suggestions on methodologies that ensure definitive compliance with the speed limitation. Input will also be solicited regarding the guidelines for fuel quantity and engine thrust limitations.

For clarification ... The Executive Council motion passed November 1, 2003, set the implementation date for the new Turbine Operating rules at January 1, 2004. The effect of the EC motion this evening leaves the current (old) turbine rules in place until further action by the EC.

We wish to thank those of you who have express your interest and concern, and would also like to express our sincere appreciation for your patience in this matter. Any questions or input regarding these issues should be forwarded to AMA HQs Attn: the AMA Safety Committee, with a copy to your District Vice President.

Safety Regulations for Fixed/Rotary Wing Model Aircraft Gas Turbines in PDF format

Motion passed: 9 yes; 3 no (III, IX, X).
Motion IV: Moved and seconded, to accept the Nominations Ad hoc Committee recommendations pertaining to Nominating Procedures, as modified. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion V: Moved and seconded to accept the recommended change to the Standing Rules relating to Leader Members, as presented by the Nominations Ad hoc Committee. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion VI: Moved and seconded, to accept the Mission Statement for Model Aviation magazine. Motion passed unanimously.
It was moved and seconded, to create the AMA Hall of Fame implementation committee (an Ad hoc EC committee). After discussion, the second was withdrawn.  
Following clarification, the motion presented regarding “references” on the Leader Member application, was withdrawn.