AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions

January 30 & 31, 1999
Muncie, Indiana


Result of a Mail vote taken December 10, 1998:
To Approve spending up to $72,000 for design and construction of pylon cages.

    It was moved and seconded to APPROVE the OCTOBER 1998 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MINUTES as amended.
Approved unanimously


moved by B. Brown (III), seconded by C. Foreman (IV) that Council
approve a $372,000 budget for 1999 capital improvements as recommended by PADCOM.
*Expand HQ Parking Lot
*Install one permanent restroom facility
*Run water main on site
*Upgrade electric to site #1
*Pave the gravel roads
*Seal and repaint stage center and speed/team race circles
The MOTION passed unanimously.    
moved by J. McNeill (V) to remove the last two sentences of
section 1.4 of the Contest Board Procedures Revision.
The MOTION was withdrawn.    
moved by R. Hanson (X), seconded by B. Brown (III) to rescind
MOTION VIII of the January 25, 1997 meeting, that adopted the Recommendation for Revised Appointment Procedures for AMA Contest Board Members, and refer back to the committee for review.
The MOTION passed. 11 yes
1 abstain (XI)
moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by J. McNeill (V) resolve that
the AMA should make available via their WWW site the NEW AMA competition rule book. Further that a disclaimer be included with this publication indicating that this posting of the rule be UNOFFICIAL and for informational purposes ONLY! Furthermore that the AMA council reaffirms that the only true and authoritative form of AMA competition rules are to be the AMA supplied Hard Copy printed rule book.
The MOTION passed. 9 yes
3 no
moved by J. McNeill (V) seconded by R. Hanson (X) be it resolved
that the one-day, temporary twenty-five cent membership granted the Junior
competitor classification (under age 16 by July 1st) in 1967; be rescinded
in favor of the one-dollar regular Youth membership (under age 19 by July
1st) currently in effect.
The MOTION passed unanimously.
it was moved and seconded, to dissolve the following committees: The Council of Past Presidents (it's purpose was to evaluate the Technical Award); and the Information System Committee.

The President also disbanded the Minutes Review Committee.

Both were passed unanimously.

4 fellowship awards; 3 superior service award and 1 legion of honor award were moved and seconded and passed unanimously.

It should be noted that the District IX Vice President was not in attendance
at the meeting due to a death in the family.