JANUARY 30-31, 1999

The President called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. The District IX Vice President was not in attendance due to a death in the family.


President Dave Brown, Hamilton, OH; Executive Vice President C. Douglas Holland, Raleigh, NC; District Vice Presidents: I-Don Krafft, Duxbury, MA; II-Wes DeCou, Basking Ridge, NJ; III-Bob Brown, Bradford, PA; IV-Chuck Foreman, Kill Devil Hills, NC; V-Jim McNeill, Birmingham, AL; VI-Charlie Bauer, Norridge, IL; VII-Dave Gish, St. Paul, MN; VIII-Sandy Frank, Weatherford, TX; X-Rich Hanson, Scottsdale, AZ; XI-Ed McCollough, Portland, OR; NAA Representative Don Koranda; Executive Director Joyce Hager and AMA General Counsel Joe Gelwicks.

Present from the Academy's staff were Jay Mealy, Steve Kaluf, Greg Chartrand, Michael Smith and Rob Kurek.

Bill Lee from District VIII and Russ Knetzger, PADCOM were also in attendance. Recording secretary JoAnne Brown.


• All reports from the IMS Show indicate it was extremely successful, and it will be a major event in the future. The President thanked Jay Mealy for his effort in running the event.
• The church that purchased the Reston building is in default on their loan. There is a possibility of AMA re-acquiring the building by paying off or taking over the mortgage.
• Noting the ongoing problem with attaining flying site, the President created a committee charged with focusing on environmental impact and wildlife issues pertaining to site acquisition. The committee's first charge is to study the situation and devise a plan of approach. He would like for some members of the committee, to be "outside the AMA ranks", with similar structure to the education committee. The President appointed Sandy Frank as chairman. Other members include Carl Maroney, Jim McNeill and Dave Gish. He asked for committee member suggestions from the Council.
• Sunday's meeting will be for reviewing AMA's committees.
• Need to become more active in Press Releases and letting the membership know what is being done on their behalf. Magazine could have bullet list of items accentuating the work AMA is doing. Creation of material should be done in-house.


It was moved by E. McCollough (XI), seconded by C. Foreman (IV) to approve the minutes of the October 1998 Executive Council meeting as corrected. (Correction: MOTION V of the Oct. 1998 minutes should reflect that it applies to turbine engines only.
Approved unanimously.
A short discussion on turbine engine e.c.u.'s followed.


• The EVP indicated that the failure to report expenditures has created additional work within the accounting department. It is imperative that expenses be recorded in the correct category in order to track spending. The Council has been given rules to follow regarding expense reporting. Flagrant violation of the rules will result in the credit card being revoked until the following year, with reimbursement for expenses only after receipts are received.
• Has been working on a Charitable Remainder Trust for AMA with a gentleman from California.
• Continue to assist clubs in finding ways to borrow money for flying sites/improvements.
• Investigating credit union use as a service to membership.
• AMA's cash flow continues to do well.


• Previous mail vote to be recorded is as follows: To approve spending of $72,000 for design and construction of 10 sets of pylon cages. Passed unanimously.
• Should hear from the Tyson bank regarding the Reston building on Monday or Tuesday.
• The E.D. cautioned Council on lending funds; it was found that a grant given by Council was received by a club that allows AMA membership as well as other organizations to participate.
• Received from Mr. Ted Teach from Ohio, 110 shares from security bank. Donation comes to approximately $6,000, no strings attached.
• Introduction of Michael Smith, Museum Curator.
• Pylon cage status reported by Steve Kaluf indicated that the design for the cages is almost complete, complying with not only the cage requirement but also the construction to make the cages road worthy, took longer to develop than what was anticipated. Discussion on existing cages indicates there may be some cages that meet or exceed our expectations, these will be identified and published.
• Steve Kaluf also reported on the upcoming 1999 Nationals - Entry forms to go out this week to last two years competitors. Ron Morgan will be back and attend both indoor and outdoor Nats. Complete schedule is on the web site now.
• F3A World Championships - AMA hosting WC in Pensacola, FL. Fifteen countries have already responded and are looking at approximately 43 total. Not requesting an exemption from the FCC; modules will be borrowed from manufacturers. Any Council members who plan to attend should let Steve or Teresa know as soon as possible. Dates are September 10 (processing) through September 18 (closing ceremonies).
• Jay Mealy reported on the following items: Education Committee - The Education Committee met on Jan. 17 following the IMS Show. Rocco Ferrario will attend the NSTA (National Science Teacher's Association) National Convention in Boston this year. The YES Grant fund was revised as follows: first year $1,000 limit; second year up to $750; third year a cap of $500. In partnership with the Smithsonian, Bob Underwood continues to work on hosting On Miniature Wings presentation. Seven museums have already scheduled dates. A $10,000 check was presented to the Airline Pilots Association from RCHTA and AMA. It was suggested that AMA become a corporate sponsor of the 2003 event commemorating the Wright Brothers Flight at Dayton. Chuck Foreman to give information on centennial celebration in North Carolina, to Charlie Bauer. Ball State video curriculum is ongoing. Still searching for Education Coordinator. Education Committee should define AMA's goals on aviation education.
• IMS Show - Concern expressed over lack of flying at show. Will continue to work with Tony Naccarato on working it back in. Have requests for forty additional booths for next year. Dates for 2000 show are January 14, 15, 16.


A. Bylaws (Hanson)
Deferred until April meeting.

B. Giant Scale - AMA/IMAA
IMAA Board of Directors voted to remain an AMA SIG. IMAA would like to create a safety video, focusing on inspection of giant scale planes for safety. Lowe was of the opinion, which was shared by the President, that if IMAA would broaden the scope to include not only IMAA giant scale but all giant scale, it would be worthwhile to share in the cost. Estimates are for up to $10,000, of which AMA would cover half the amount. At the conclusion of the discussion there was no commitment of involvement by the AMA. A letter requesting a full proposal will be drafted by Wes De Cou.

The PADCOM had been instructed to revisit the capital budgeted items. The chairman reviewed each item and gave the committee's recommendations. With regard to the item of running a water main on site, request was made for an additional $90,000 to cover the cost of running a conduit throughout the property, to be put in at the same time as the water main. (The chairman pointed out that the additional monies were needed because the original proposal did not include site 4, Nats headquarters or the conduit.)

MOTION I: moved by B. Brown (III), seconded by C. Foreman (IV) that Council approve a $372,000 budget for 1999 capital improvements as recommended by PADCOM.

The MOTION passed unanimously.

An RC car track proposal was received from Bob Vojslavek. It should be understood that the committee is investigating the building of an area that could be used for multiple purposes such as an RC car track, control line site, and possibly a parking lot. At this time, however, the PADCOM recommends that AMA members who are also car enthusiasts use the temporary track as was utilized in 1997.
Boat Pond - IMPBA has expressed interest in having a boat pond on the AMA property. Mr. Jim Irwin, district vp for IMPBA made a presentation at the Friday PADCOM meeting. Specifications for pit area and boat pond were displayed. It was understood that there would be no cost to the AMA other than the "donation" of the use of our land. PADCOM Chairman requests Council give approval to enter into serious consideration of this proposal. A point was made that many AMA members also race cars and boats and providing an area for those venues, would benefit our membership. Chuck Foreman will contact the IMPBA President.

D. Magazine Space for Candidates - election debates (DeCou)
The committee chairman and director of publication discussed how this could be structured and recommended that it be for national office only (President and Executive Vice President candidates). A half-page response for each candidate would be allowed for the question that was posed. Selection of the question is the main concern. Possibly the nominating committee would come up with the actual question. The question must be generic and formatted prior to the selection of candidates. It was hoped that this process would keep candidate from discussing same in their official campaign statements. The District VIII VP stated his concern with the selection of questions. For magazine deadline purposes, it was suggested that each candidate send their response to the question with their campaign statement. Further review and recommendations will be made at the next meeting.

E. Review Contest Board Appointment Procedures
(Reference MOTION II of Jan. 25, 1997 EC meeting)
The committee chairman pointed out that the procedures were already accepted as part of the October 1998 Executive Council meeting minutes (Appendix III). He then reviewed the committee's changes to the document. It was pointed out that these procedures were designed to allow the Special Interest Group more say in who was representing their discipline. There was concern over certain aspects of the document being in violation of the bylaws.

MOTION II: moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by D. Holland (EVP) to remove the last two sentences of section 1.4 of the Contest Board Procedures Revision and refer it back to committee for review.

This MOTION was withdrawn.

MOTION III: moved by R. Hanson (X), seconded by B. Brown (III) to rescind MOTION VIII of the January 25, 1997 meeting, that adopted the Recommendation for Revised Appointment Procedures for AMA Contest Board Members, and refer back to the committee for review.

The motion passed.
11 yes
1 abstain (XI)

F. Contest Coordinator/Sanctions
The committee is in the progress of reviewing the membership manual and rule book and ensuring the two documents agree. The chairman noted he had sent the documents to fifty contest directors in his district asking for comment. He then stated he would like to send the documents to all the contest coordinators and ask for input. The committee would then study the recommended changes and if valid, bring them back to Council. It was hoped the committee would look hard at Class C event contest coordination and sanctioning procedures and how that fits in to the procedures. The President suggested sending the documents to a random selection of people who have sanctioned Class C events.

G. Flying Site Disbursement Fund (Holland)
The chairman is currently working on a method of dividing the line item in the budget. He stated that timeliness is the biggest problem. It was suggested to treat the requests as the scholarship applications are handled; submittal with a cut-off date, review and then the money is awarded. The problem is that those requesting assistance, need it now. Still reviewing where the money could be budgeted from. Will bring back recommendations at April meeting.

H. Marketing/Membership (DeCou)
Currently involved with renewal activity. A test case out now where stickers are placed inside the magazine saying this is the last issue if you don't renew. Will track those 5,000 people that it was sent to, and determine response.
Will report results of the hobby shop program at the next meeting (this will be midway through the program).
The chairman will send results of the tele-post survey to council within the next week. The idea of a booster membership was brought up. It was pointed out that in the previous program, the cost of the booster membership, did not cover the administrative costs. The Council was not in opposition to the committee researching a program for those who did not want to fly, but wanted to support the Academy. Need to scrutinize the potential loss of revenue vs the potential increase.


• AMA should make available on the Web the NEW AMA Competition Rule Book (Frank)
It was felt by the proposer that putting the rule book on the web would be of interest to those who access the site, non-members and sport flyers alike. Concern was expressed regarding the ability to read the document on the site. The ED stated that if Council approves the idea, it is up to headquarters to decide the feasibility of it.

MOTION IV: moved by S. Frank (VIII), seconded by J. McNeill (V) resolve that the AMA should make available via their www.modelaircraft.org WWW site the NEW AMA competition rule book. Further that a disclaimer be included with this publication indicating that this posting of the rules be UNOFFICIAL and for informational purposes ONLY! Furthermore that the AMA council reaffirms that the only true and authoritative form of AMA competition rules are to be the AMA supplied Hard Copy printed rule book.

The MOTION passed.
9 yes
3 no (I, VI, XI)


• Rescind the one day, temporary twenty-five cent membership granted the Junior competition classification in 1967 in favor of the one dollar Regular Youth membership currently in effect. (Headquarters)

MOTION V: moved by J. McNeill (V), seconded by R. Hanson (X) be it resolved that the one-day, temporary twenty-five cent membership granted the Junior competitor classification (under age 16 by July 1st) in 1967; be rescinded in favor of the one-dollar regular Youth membership (under age 19 by July 1st) currently in effect.

The MOTION passed unanimously.

• Review Committees (D. Brown)
Will review in Sunday morning meeting.

• Update Safety Regulations (Headquarters)
This item was intended to clarify the manner of fueling for model aircraft turbine engines. It was felt that the intent was to reduce the spacing in the pit area. However, concern was expressed over the awkwardness of the wording. It was the consensus of the Council that the item be returned to the committee with concerns and possibly do a mail or phone vote. It is understood that the item is deemed time critical to January 30, 1999.

***Publication of awards will not be done until the awards are received***

The meeting adjourned at 4:42 p.m., and would reconvene Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. Sunday's meeting would be devoted to committee review.

JANUARY 31, 1999

Resumed at 8:00am

The meeting was reconvened at 8:30 a.m. by the President who chaired the meeting.
It was noted that Russ Miller (IX) and Rich Hanson (X) were not present at the meeting.


• The President explained the need to review committees and their structure, and to examine their mission. He indicated that Ed McCollough requested removal as co-chair of the Publications Committee and that Rich Hanson wished to continue as chairman of the Bylaws Committee until completion of the current project. Hanson did however, request to be removed as chairman of the Resource Development Committee. The President will contact Hanson with regard to the direction the committee is taking.

MOTION VI: Following review of all AMA's committees, it was moved and seconded to dissolve the following committees: The Council of Past Presidents (its purpose was to evaluate the Technical Award); and the Information System Committee.

The MOTION passed unanimously.

The President also disbanded the Minutes Review Committee.
• Headquarters was charged with researching why some committees allow the chairman to appoint members, while others do not; all should be consistent. A Mission Statement is to be included with all committees (HQ will proceed in this area).
• The Finance Committee was renamed The Expenditure Review Committee.
• It was agreed that the Flying Site Committee should function under the Flying Site Coordinator; and the History Program Committee is a function of the Museum Department.
• The Flying Site Assistance Guidelines and Flying Site Fund Distribution committees were combined. The members are D. Holland, Chairman; J. McNeill, C. Foreman and R. Hanson.
• There was general consensus that the Education Committee and the Frequency Committee meet their mission statement and function well; therefore there were no changes.
• In as many cases as possible, there will be one Executive Council member on each committee, and one Headquarters person who will serve as liaison.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00am.