AMA Executive Council
Meeting Motions


April 24, 1999
Muncie, Indiana


The motions below are part of the unofficial minutes of the meeting. Minutes from a given meeting are not official until they are approved at the next quarterly Council meeting. Questions or comments on the motions should be addressed to your District Vice President.
Minutes of the January 30, 1999 Executive Council meeting were approved.

District X Vice President was not present at the meeting.

Moved by W. DeCou (II), seconded by D. Holland (EVP), to grant the River City Radio Controllers, the sum of $2,000 to assist them in completing their new runway.
The MOTION passed. 10 yes
1 no (IX)
1 abstain (VIII)
The following 2 mail votes are included:
1) Approve the Safety Committee’s recommendation to replace item 7 in the Safety Regulations for Model Aircraft Gas Turbines effective October 24, 1998 with new item 7 as follows:
    7. Turbine fueling is to be handled in the following manner:
        A. Propane fueling must be accomplished in a remote area away from spectators, engine start areas, and ignition sources.
        B. Fueling of other than combustible liquefied gasses may be accomplished in the start area.
        C. Starting personnel must assure that the tailpipe (exhaust) is pointed away from personnel and fragile or combustible items. Spectators and all personnel non-essential to the starting process must maintain a 25-foot spacing from the turbine start area. (Ed McCollough would like to have noted that the phrase “other than combustible liquefied gasses” needs further refinement.)
The MOTION passed unanimously.  
2) To allow the US to submit a bid to host the Electric World Championship, to be held August 3-12, 2000 in San Diego, California. The MOTION passed unanimously.