Executive Council Meeting

July 12, 1999
Muncie, IN

 The President called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m.


Present: D. Brown, President; D. Holland, Executive Vice President; J. Hager, Executive Director; D. Krafft, Dist. I; W. De Cou, Dist. II; J. Vislay, Dist. III; C. Foreman, Dist. IV; J. McNeill, Dist. V; C. Bauer, Dist. VI; D. Gish, Dist. VII; S. Frank, Dist. VIII; R. Miller, Dist. IX; R. Hanson, Dist. X; E. McCollough, Dist. XI; D. Koranda, NAA Representative.

Guests: Don Goeschl, Dist. X; Joe Beshar, AMA Site Assistance Coordinator; Bob Underwood, AVP Dist. VI/AMA Education Committee member.

Present from Headquarters Jay Mealy, Programs; Carl Maroney, Special Services; Rob Kurek, Publications; April Hathaway, Recording Secretary. Also present was Joe Gelwicks, Legal Counsel.


D. Brown started by rearranging the agenda to accommodate those that needed to leave early. Nominating Committee Report and Scholarship Committee Report was moved to the beginning of the Committee Reports section.

• D. Brown presented a Control Line model for indoor events. He asked the EC members to look it over and respond. Charlie Bauer and George Aldrich have been involved with the project.

• The President's Report will be concluded during the Executive session.


The April 1999 minutes were approved by consensus.


• D. Holland reported he has received a few phone calls in response to the August 1999 issue of Model Aviation. Clubs are looking for financial support for field improvement.

• A table was set up at Grand Event to provide information on Gift Giving to the Association and $120.00 in donations was collected from several visitors. Seven donations came from non-members.


• J. Hager reported HQ is very busy. The roads have been paved and the site looks good.

• Grand Event went over well. It is time to take a look at the goal of hosting the event. The Committee will be looking at improvements options.

• AMA HQ received a sanction request from a local group of modelers to host a RC car competition. There were no objections to approving this request. There was discussion of having a new listing in Model Aviation of the Muncie Site schedule.

• AMA HQ is requesting quotes for bill board advertising costs.

• J. Hager reported that membership continues to be up 2% and projects it will remain the same for the rest of 1999.

The meeting was adjourned for Executive Session and was called to order again at 10:25 a.m. by the President.


A. Nominating - Chuck Foreman(IV), Chairman

C . Foreman(IV) reported the following nominated candidates; EVP-Doug Holland (incumbent); District III VP, Bob Brown (incumbent); District VII VP, Dave Gish (incumbent) and District XI-Bruce Nelson and Al Culver.


MOTION 1: moved by C. Bauer(VI), seconded by C. Foreman(IV) to accept the Nominating Committee report recommendation. The MOTION passed. 11 yes (I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI, EVP,NAA)

1 no (VIII)

I absent(III)

 B. Scholarship - Bob Underwood, Chairman

B. Underwood recommended a minimum of $20,000 for Scholarship awards. He reported $900.00+ in the John Grigg Memorial and $225.00 in Miscellaneous untouched. The following awards and recipients were recommended.

Mark Rudner - $8,000 + WEAK Signals Award of $4,000
John Best - $4,500
Chris Wenburg - $3,500
Andrew Wineinger - $2,000
William Lutz - $2,000.

James Buescher - $2,000
Jefferey Pfeifer - $1,500

William Lutz - $1,000


MOTION 2: moved by R. Miller(IX), seconded by D. Holland(EVP) to accept the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. The MOTION passed unanimously.

 • B. Underwood reported Betty Stream is leaving the Scholarship Committee and Jane Morgan will be her replacement.

• A list has been compiled of all Scholarship recipients since 1970. The Scholarship Committee would like to run a profile on a few of recipients in Model Aviation.

C. Bylaws - R. Hanson(X), Chairman (Appendix II)

R. Hanson(X) distributed current language and recommended changes for Articles 9, 10 & 11 of the current bylaws. He asked the Executive Council members to review the document. R. Hanson will draft a motion for the next meeting. Copy attached.

D. Care - Sandy Frank(VIII) - Chairman

• S. Frank(VIII) named three new committee member candidates. They are George Lewis, AMA 27710; Jim Thomerson, AMA 77317; and William Malvey, AMA 147205.

• He reported the CARE information is on AMA's web site and District VIII's web site. He asked each District VP to link to the information from their web site.

E. Flying Sites (Appendix III)

• J. Beshar reported the program seems to be working. All calls regarding flying site concerns should be directed to J. Mealy at AMA HQ or J. Beshar.

• A list of Flying Site Assistance volunteers was distributed. Much discussion took place concerning this issue but no additional action was taken at this time.

Meeting adjourned for lunch and was called to order again at 1:10 p.m.


• S. Frank(VIII) reported he attended the board meeting for IMAA. Their intentions are to remain as a SIG. S. Frank plans to attend their next two meetings, one which will be held at IMS.

• The IMAA would like to produce a safety video. Their budget is $10,000 and they are seeking matching funds for the project. W. De Cou(II) reported he is working on the same budget guidelines.

G. Insurance - D. Krafft(I), Chairman (Appendix IV)

D. Krafft(I) reported the insurance program is in good shape. He distributed the minutes from the June 1999 meeting. J. Hager(ED) asked about Fire, Theft and Vandalism coverage for clubs. C. Maroney(staff) reported a survey was done with a 20% return. The cost would be approximately $50,000/year with a minimum level of coverage. D. Brown(Pres) expressed concerns about coverage for competition dealing with our Safety Code versus the foreign countries Safety Code outside the USA. C. Maroney responded with information regarding a separate policy for overseas competition, more information later.

H. Marketing - W. De Cou(II), Chairman

W. De Cou(II) reported the committee is negotiating a membership survey with Axiom. This would be a direct mailing rather than one published in Model Aviation. It is expected to have a higher return rate. A proposal will be presented at the next meeting.

• MVP has agreed to handle distribution of inventory of older AMA videos.

• The final 30,000 renewal notices have been mailed.

• The second phase of the Hobby Shop Pilot Program has ended. The phase gained 262 new members. The projected income from the new members is $24,366 over a five-year period. The cost of the program was $3,810.00. The third phase has started.

I. New HQ Building - C. Foreman(IV), Chairman (Appendix V)

C. Foreman(IV) distributed a report. He reported the committee chose Gooden and Ellis, Muncie, Indiana for the project. Gooden and Ellis has presented a contract and it has been approved. The firm produced a schedule which included a construction start date of March 2000 and a move-in date of March 2001.

J. Safety - D. Lowe, Chairman (Appendix VI)

C. Maroney(staff) distributed a draft of AMA Organized Racing Event Safety Code. The document was reviewed and changes were requested.


MOTION 3: moved by R. Miller(IX), seconded by W. De Cou(II) to accept the Safety Committee addition to the 2000 Safety Code. The MOTION passed. 12 yes (I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, EVP, NAA)
1 no (III)


A. Sanction Procedures

Deferred to next meeting.

B. How Council Operates

E. McCollough(XI) distributed a handout regarding rules and procedures. He asked the Executive Council members to review the document.

C. Travel Agent


MOTION 4: moved by E. McCollough(XI), seconded by R. Miller(X) to rescind Motion 4 of October 20, 1984. The MOTION passed unanimously.

 Motion 4 (10/20/84) Moved by J. Worth (ED) seconded by J. Scarborough (X) to proceed with the travel agency plan as outlined by Mr. De Ronza.

D. Brown(Pres) recommended all 5-year old motions be reviewed at the first EC meeting each year.


A. AVP Allocation for Districts V and XI


MOTION 5: moved by E. McCollough(XI), seconded by W. De Cou(II) to establish the number of AVPs in District XI to 10. The MOTION passed unanimously.

MOTION 6: moved by J. McNeill(IV), seconded by C. Bauer(VI) to establish the number of AVPs in District V to 20. The MOTION passed. 12 yes (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, XI, EVP, NAA)
1 abstain (IX)

 B. Funds for 2003


MOTION 7: moved by C. Bauer(VI), seconded by C. Foreman(IV) to donate $10,000 to the 2003 Committee to become a corporate sponsor. This contribution to be designated to support the work of the "Kites to Wrights" project. The MOTION passed unanimously.

 C. Operational Manual for AMA Committees

E. McCollough(XI) presented the idea of having a general operating manual for committees established by Executive Council. J. Hager(ED) explained she has started on job descriptions. The manual could include information on reports, staff member requirements, etc.

D. Videos/Productions shall credit all EC members

Discussion revealed no action at this time.

E. Awards

***Publication of awards will not be done until the awards are received***

F. Continue Review Process for Committees

D. Brown(Pres) appointed S. Frank(VIII) ad hoc as liaison to Radio Control Combat Association.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

The next Executive Council meeting will be held October 23 & 24, 1999 in Muncie.