Security Advisory Reminder
(Added 5/21/07)

As a service to our members, and as part of our ongoing efforts to work cooperatively with all agencies responsible for the security of our nation, we are providing the following information. The content of this document was last presented on the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) web site in 2003 and is issued again here for all to review.

In the event you are approached by anyone representing a local, state, or national agency responsible for national security, we recommend and encourage your cooperation.

Once the representatives have established their identity, and any legitimate officer or investigator will do this, cooperate by answering their questions honestly, politely, and with care. Please take these inquiries seriously, and don’t forget the impact your answers and attitude could have on your flying privileges, not only locally but nationally.

In addition, some suggestions to keep in mind when flying your model aircraft are;

Do not fly alone. The chance of being questioned about your actions may be increased if you are observed flying alone.

Fly only at AMA chartered club facilities or established sites administered by such entities as privately owned, city, county, state, and/or federally owned sites specifically designated for model aircraft operations.

Make certain that local authorities are aware of any and all scheduled flying events such as fly-ins, contests, etc., including the dates and times of operation.

Upon request, be prepared to provide personal identification and, if appropriate, a current AMA membership card.

Always remember to direct any and all questions to the Academy of Model Aeronautics, your national organization, for additional information. We have a good rapport with the agencies responsible and will be more than willing to assist at any level necessary. Establishing a good working relationship with such agencies is important not only to our national security but to the efforts put forth to maintain our privilege to continue participating in the sport we all cherish.

For further information, questions, comments, or concerns, please contact:

Jay Mealy
AMA Programs Director
765-287-1256, ext. 270

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