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New Feature - President's Blog

Sharing organizational news and information with its members is key to the success of any association. With that in mind we have been looking for new ways to increase lines of communication between AMA and our members. Earlier this year Publications Director, Rob Kurek, and I talked about the various ways we could accomplish this. One item tossed on the table for discussion was the concept of an on line blog. A blog, or web log, is nothing more than an on line journal used to share news and information with its audience.

Blogs are relatively new to the association world. According to one estimate less than 1% of all associations have blogs. And fewer than 19% of all associations that have an on line presence (website) have implemented a blog on their site.

I intend to update this space regularly with information of importance to our members. It could be departmental news from HQ, notices about AMA projects or events, or maybe updates on governmental issues relative to our dealings with the FAA, FCC, etc. Posts will be relatively informal and be anywhere from a sentence or two to maybe a couple of paragraphs depending on the issue.

You can find the President's Blog on the AMA Website by using the Community tab. Other interesting features will be added to the Community area in the future.

If you have any additional ideas on the type of information you'd like to see in my posts here, drop me an email and let me know.