Education Committee

Education Committee Members:

Tim Jesky
Academy of Model Aeronautics
District VII Vice President

James Brough
FAA Dept. of Transportation
National STEM -AVSED Program Manager

Mark Atwood
Paragon Consulting

Rick Larsen
Experimental Aircraft Association
Vice President, Communities and Member Programs

Tom Sanders
Science Olympiad
National Supervisor

Jeff Montgomery
Civil Air Patrol
Deputy Director, Aerospace Education

Captain Albert Glenn
Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals
OBAP Board of Advisors

George Pavey
West Michigan Aviation Academy
Dean of Students

Bill Pritchett
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Director of Education

Jessy Symmes
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Coordinator of Educational Programs

Gordon Schimmel, Ed. D.
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Education Program Development