Priceless Fun - by Paul Billings


For only a penny and a very few minute of your time, you can do more for the future of our hobby, indeed the AMA itself, than any other effort I am aware of!

A lifelong fascination with flying and things that fly is easily developed in the very young, given the proper exposure. This project is dedicated to the young, from 6 to 66 and on; everyone gets caught up in the fun, flying this simplest of all flying machines. 

Here's how to do it:

You need the top from a one-dozen-size egg carton. Place the Wing Pattern inside the foam lid and trace the outline with a ball-point pen.

Cut along the tracing with a very sharp knife or scissors. Press a penny down into the forward part of the "cargo bay" and secure with a drop of white glue on either side.

That's it -- grab it by the cargo bay and give it a good overhand toss. Have fun!