ROLES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Event manager can sanction non-rule book Model Aviation events. Learn more by viewing the Event Manager Guide. If you want to sanction rule-book events you will need to be an AMA Contest Director. Responsibilities include sanctioning, verifying AMA membership, creating a safe experience following AMA's safety code.

ELIGIBILITY: Adult AMA members with minimum of 1 consecutive year of membership.

BENEFITS: Benefits include 50% off membership dues.

COST $25


Contact Tony Stillman, Technical Director, 800-435-9262 ext. 230
or Colleen Pierce, Competitions, 800-435-9262 ext. 252



1. Pass the on-line, open book, test.

2. Provide 3 AMA Members as references.

3. Once you pass the on-line course your request will be reviewed by your district VP.

4. Once your request is approved you will be asked to pay a one time fee of $25.

5. After your fee is received your membership record will be updated with your new Event Manager credentials.

6. You will receive a new membership card and certificate in the mail.

7. After you run one event as Event Manager and turn in your paperwork you will receive credit towards your membership dues.

8. You are required to run one event per year to continue to receive the membership dues credit.

AMA login required.
Don't have an AMA login CLICK HERE