Supplemental (display) Ad Information

Use of supplementary, display (paid) Ad space is suggested for the description of unusual or special events, deviations from AMA rules, or significant aspects of a meet. Paid ads may also be helpful in promoting fun fly type meets or to give directions to the flying site.

Display ads can be inserted in the Contest Calendar section by paying a fee. These ads are accepted for AMA sanctioned events or AMA Club sponsored non fly events only. These sizes listed under “SIZE” are the only sized that will be accepted to be published in the Contest Calendar.

FEES: Fees are based on ad size.

SIZE: 1 5/8 inch wide and either 1 1/2 or 2 1/4 inches high. These are the only sizes accepted.

PRICING: 1 1/2 - $35, 2 1/4 - $45 for each issue the ad runs in (payable in advance).

• Ads must be dark black on white background. Please send originals (even good photocopies do not reproduce well).
• Good quality paper is recommended. Your ad will only be ad good as the copy supplied to us!
• Ads received must be camera ready and of the correct size or the ad will be returned to you and may cause the ad to not appear in Model Aviation.
• No ad can be larger than 1 5/8 inches wide x 2 1/4 inches high.
• Photographs cannot be used in Supplementary Ads.
• Every effort will be made to place the Supplementary Ad next to the text listing, however, it is not guaranteed.

SUBMITTAL DEADLINE: Supplemental ads have the same lead time as your event listing. Please allow at least three months (90 days) lead time for publication. Artwork for supplemental ads should be sent in at the same time as your Sanction Application.

Questions about either Supplementary Ads or regular Sanctioned Events listings should be directed to AMA’s Competitions Department.