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1/13/2017 - 1/15/2017 -- Upland, CA (D) CABLE AIRPORT AIRFAIR. Site: Cable Airport. Kevin Lindstrom CD PH: 909-988-5713 Email: . Sanction #17/282. Sponsor: CORONA RC CLUB

1/14/2017 - 1/15/2017 -- Thermal, CA (C) 5TH ANNUAL DESERT WARBIRDS FUN FLY. Site: Canal Regional Park. Alan Williamson CD PH: Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/77. Now expanded to 2 days! Awards for top 3 places in WWI, WWII and post WWII, plus People's choice. Food and full scale flybys scheduled. Grab your warbirds and join us! Sponsor: COACHELLA VALLEY RC CLUB

1/21/2017 - 1/22/2017 -- Perris, CA (A) 8TH ANNUAL JOHN ERICKSON MEMORIAL. Site: Scamps Rc Field. Lex Mierop CD PH: Email: . Sanction #17/318. Events; 462 (O). Sponsor: THOUSAND OAKS SOARING SOCIETY T.O.S.S

1/29/2017 -- Lake Balboa, CA (C) VALLEY FLYERS FUN FLY. Site: Apollo Eleven Field. Gregory Fullington CD PH: 818-631-8347 Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/153. $10 entry fee, free to Valley Flyers. Sponsor: SAN FERNANDO VALLEY RC FLYERS, INC


2/11/2017 - 2/13/2017 -- Lost Hills, CA (AA) ISAACSON WINTER CLASSIC/KIWI WORLD CUP. Site: Lost Hills. Norman Furutani CD PH: 310-323-1943 Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/251. Events; 101-105, 121, 124, 140, 142, 150-155, 157, 159, 165 CAT II (JSO). The largest non Nats FF contest in the USA! Featuring FAI, AMA, and NFFS events. Part of the Fab Feb in Lost Hills, CA.

2/11/2017 - 2/12/2017 -- S El Monte, CA (AA) LENNY WALTEMATH SPEED & DENNIS SCHAUER RACING. Site: Whittier Narrows Park. Howard Doering CD PH: 714/638-4937 Email: . Sanction #17/285. Events; 301-310, 313, 334-335 (JSO). All speed both days. NASS Perky, Sport Jet, C Speed. Racing Sunday only; SCAR Goodyear, NCLRA Clown, Super slow rat/fox race and Quickie rat, Mouse I. Other events flown if entrants sign up. Sponsor: CL SPEED FLYERS OF SOUTHERN CA

2/12/2017 -- Perris, CA (C) SCAMPS HAGGART BOWDEN PRECISION CONTEST. Site: Perris Flying Field. Michael Myers CD PH: 818/241-9154 Email: . Sanction #17/269. Precision flight time free flight contest. Also Old time rubber and gas, Perris Special, 36" glider, & Tomboy. Sponsor: SCAMPS

2/15/2017 - 2/16/2017 -- Lost Hills, CA (AA) NORTH AMERICAN CUP. Site: Lost Hills. Brian Van Nest CD PH: 760-873-5073 Email: . Sanction #17/348. Events; 150-152, 159 CAT 1 (JSO) Sponsor: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AERO TEAM

2/16/2017 - 2/20/2017 -- Lost Hills, CA (AA) BOB WHITE MAX MEN INTERNATIONAL. Site: Lost Hills. William Booth CD PH: 760.842-1079 Email: . Sanction #17/435. Events; 150-159 (JSO). Sponsor: MAX MEN

2/16/2017 - 2/18/2017 -- Thermal, CA (C) COACHELLA JET JAM. Site: 89452 54th Ave. Daniel Metz CD PH: Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/54. $40 Entry fee includes two lunches. Pilot raffle, cash for most flights. Sponsor: COACHELLA VALLEY RC CLUB

2/18/2017 -- Lake Balboa, CA (C) FUN SCALE EVENT. Site: Apollo Xi Field. Gregory Fullington CD PH: 818-631-8347 Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/154. Aerobatics done fun style! Sponsor: SAN FERNANDO VALLEY RC FLYERS, INC

2/25/2017 -- Corona, CA (C) CORONA SCALE EVENT. Site: Corona Rc Club. Pablo Romero CD PH: Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/780. Sponsor: CORONA RC CLUB

2/25/2017 -- Sacramento, CA (AA) SGMA SPRING CONTEST. Site: Weagill Field. Walter Ghio CD PH: 209-478-8225 Email: . Sanction #17/824. Events; 101-105, 108-110, 120, 124, 140, 142, 153-154, 159, 165 CAT III (JSO). Sponsor: STOCKTON GAS MODEL ASSN, INC.

2/26/2017 -- Nuevo, CA (A) LOOKING FOR LIFT 2017, SC-2 CHAMPIONSHIP TRAIL. Site: Hemet Model Masters Field 2. Michael Lee CD PH: 909-792-8424 Email: . Sanction #17/581. Events; 444 (JS). The Start of a new season and a new field to fly from. Huge sky to fly in! Come on out and get into the new 2017 SC-2 Series championship. AMA rules for TD. Details on the field.


3/4/2017 - 3/5/2017 -- Coachella, CA (AA) PALM SPRINGS/COACHELLA VALLEY IMAC CHAMPIONSHIP. Site: Cvrc. Charles Lewis CD PH: 760-500-5850 Email: . Sanction #17/777. Events; 401-403 (O).

3/11/2017 -- Madera, CA (A) CHASIN' TAIL I. Site: Frm Flying Field. Bryan Freeman CD PH: 559-304-0496 Email: . Sanction #17/826. Events; 755, 760 (O). Sponsor: FRESNO RADIO MODELERS INC

3/12/2017 -- Perris, CA (C) SCAMPS 13TH ANNUAL TAIBI CONTEST. Site: Taibi Field. Kevin Sherman CD PH: 951-737-7943 Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/280. This is our 13th Annual SCAMPS Taibi Contest. Events include all Taibi, and a host of Old timer, Nostalgia, and electric events. Spectators welcome, all AMA members are welcome to fly and participate. Sponsor: SCAMPS

3/18/2017 - 3/19/2017 -- Hemet, CA (AA) HARRY GOULD MEMORIAL PATTERN CONTEST. Site: Club Field. William Wallace CD PH: 951-246-2061 Email: . Sanction #17/578. Event; 401-404, 406 (JSO). All classess through FAI-FAI Silver will be flown if there is interest. Lunch will be provided for a fee. Come see the nicest flying field in So Cal! Sponsor: HEMET MODEL MASTERS

3/18/2017 -- Madera, CA (C) TRIANGLE SERIES T-34/WARBIRD RACE. Site: Frm Flying Field. Bryan Freeman CD PH: 559-304-0496 Email: . Sanction #17/825. Sponsor: FRESNO RADIO MODELERS INC

3/18/2017 -- Perris, CA (C) LAKE PERRIS FLOAT FLY. Site: Lake Perris Sra. John Kupinski CD PH: 951-201-5767 Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/209. Float fly at Lake Perris State Recreation area. $15 landing fee. State park entry fee $10. Flying from 8am-2pm from a large sandy beach. Raffle. A park snack bar and dry camping available. Sponsor: CORONA RC CLUB

3/19/2017 -- Azusa, CA (A) SO CALIF SOARING ASSOCIATION. Site: 3870 Encanto Pkwy. Frank Corsaro CD PH: 909.984.4978 Email: . Sanction #17/702. Sponsor: SILENT WINGS SOARING ASSOC

3/24/2017 - 3/26/2017 -- So El Monte, CA (AA) DENIS LYON MEMORIAL PYLON RACE. Site: Whittier Narrows Recreation Pa. David Gavin CD PH: 909-730-5166 Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/799. Events; 422, 424, 426 (JSO). Sponsor: SAN GABRIEL VALLEY RADIO CONTROL LEAGUE

3/25/2017 - 3/26/2017 -- Bakersfield, CA (C) SAM 26 SPRING SEASON OOPENER. Site: Wekerley Field. Richard Fischer CD PH: 805-489-4078 Email: . Sanction #17/336. 10 Basic SAM events will be flown, plus 7 SAM R/CSpecial events. SAM rule book will be used, plus applicable AMA rules. Sponsor: SAM 26


4/1/2017 -- Riverside, CA (D) RIVERSIDE AIRSHOW. Site: Riverside Airport. Pablo Romero CD PH: Email: . Sanction #17/756. Sponsor: CORONA RC CLUB

4/1/2017 - 4/2/2017 -- Siverado, CA (A) 2017 ORANGE COUNTY PATTERN CHALLENGE. Site: Ocma. Stephen Hannah CD PH: 714-996-1714 Email: . Visit: Sanction #17/577. Events; 401-404, 406 (JSO). The field will be open for practice on Friday. We'll have all AMA classes and FAI. FAI will fly P17 and F17. Sponsor: THE MODEL AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION

4/8/2017 - 4/9/2017 -- South El Monte, CA (AA) BILL NUSZ SPEED & HERB STOCKTON RACING MEMORIAL. Site: Whittier Narrows Park. Jon Defries CD PH: 951-420-1780 Sanction #17/836. Events; 301-318, 334-335. Perky & Nass sport. Sponsor: CL SPEED FLYERS OF SOUTHERN CA