Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the AMA Event Calendar

 1.  What fields must be filled out before I can search for an event. 

In order to perform a search, the “Type of Event” drop-down menu, the Start Date, and the End Date must all be filled out in order to search for something. All other fields are optional.

2.  Can I simultaneously search Flying and Non-Flying events?

No. Only one or the other can be searched at a time. That is one of the mandatory fields.

3.  I searched to find my club’s event next week and did not find it. What are some of the reasons that might occur?

Try searching under different criteria. For example, search the whole state instead of city and state or expand the start and end dates. If you want to search for events held at the International Aeromodeling Center, you must select Muncie, Indiana, as your search city/state.

Note: The start and end dates can only go out to one-year apart.

4.  Can I bookmark my search results?

Yes. They can be bookmarked and when you come back to them later, any new information added that qualifies with your criteria will also show up.

5.  I tried to print my search results but I got an error message instead. What could cause this and how do I obtain assistance?

You need a PDF viewer to view and print the page. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free downloadable program available on its Web site.

6.  Can I see the event calendar in its entirety?

You can only see what you put into the search criteria, up to one year apart from the start and end dates.

7.  Our published event has a change we need to make. How do we go about doing that?

Any corrections or changes to your published event can be made by contacting the Sanction Secretary at or 765-287-1256, ext. 232.

8.  Where can I find the criteria for submitting information?

 To view the procedure for sanctioning an event, visit the Sanctions section of the Competitions/Technical FAQ.