2013-2014 Competition Regulations 

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Members unable to print from the web may obtain an unbound three-hole punched copy (8.5" x 11")  by sending a check for $2.50 per section to the AMA Competitions Department.  A complete copy (all sections) may be obtained for $5.00.  Complete copies are only available in 8.5" x 11" format. 

Contest Director Information

2011-2012 event listing 2.pdf

2013-2014 Event Listing.pdf

2011-2012 General 3.pdf

2013-2014 General.pdf

 2011-2012 CL General 45.pdf

2013-2014 CL General-1.pdf


2011-2012 CL Aerobatics2.pdf 

2013-2014 CL Aerobatics1.pdf

2011-2012 CL Speed.pdf

2013-2014 CL Speed.pdf

2011-2012 CL Racing2.pdf

2013-2014 CL Racing.pdf

2011-2012 CL Carrier.pdf

2013-2014 CL Carrier.pdf

2011-2012 CL Combat 1.pdf

2013-2014 CL Combat.pdf

2011-2012 CL Special Events.pdf

2013-2014 CL Special Events.pdf

2011-2012 RC & CL Scale 2.pdf

2013-2014 RC - CL Scale_.pdf

2011-2012 Electric 3.pdf

2013-2014 Electric.pdf

2011-2012 RC Combat.pdf

2013-2014 RC Combat.pdf

2011-2012 RC Soaring.pdf

2013-2014 RC Soaring.pdf

2011-2012 Indoor Free Flight.pdf

2013-2014 Indoor Free Flight.pdf

2011-2012 Outdoor Free Flight rev2.pdf

2013-2014 Outdoor Free Flight 2.pdf 

 2011-2012 RC Pylon Racing2 JA Edit.pdf

2013-2014 RC Pylon Racing.pdf

 2011-2012 RC Aerobatics 2.pdf

RC Aerobatics.pdf

2011-2012 RC Scale Aerobatics.pdf

2013-2014 RC Scale Aerobatics 1-1.pdf

2011-2012 RC Helicopter 1.pdf

2013-2014 RC Helicopter.pdf

RC heli sportsman diagram 2011.pdf

RC heli advanced diagram 2011.pdf

RC heli expert diagram 2011.pdf

2011-2012 Special Events.pdf

2013-2014 Special Events.pdf






The Competition Regulations are posted in PDF format.  Adobe Reader is required to view the document.  It is available at no charge by clicking the link below.
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