Electric Events Category Dissolved

At the July, 2015 Executive Council meeting, the Council voted to dissolve the Electric Contest Board. As of January 1, 2016, the Electric Competition Regulations will no longer exist. Events that were determined to be active that were contained in that document have been moved to other Competition Regulations as noted below.

Note that some events have been completely removed from the AMA Competition Regulations because of low or no activity and are no longer official AMA events.


604 1/2A Sailplane
609 RC Class A Sailplane
610 RC Class A Sailplane (LMR)
611 RC Class B Sailplane
612 RC Class B Sailplane (LMR)
613 RC Class B Sailplane Endurance
614 RC Class A Pylon
615 RC Class B Pylon
616 RC Old Timer Texaco
617 RC Class A Old Timer
618 RC Class A Old Timer (LMR)
619 RC Class B Old Timer
620 RC Class B Old Timer (LMR)
621 RC “Oldie Texaco”
622 RC Class A “Oldie”
623 RC Class A “Oldie” (LMR)
624 RC Class B “Oldie”
625 RC Class B “Oldie (LMR)
626 RC Precision Aerobatics
628 Elec ROW RC Seaplane
630 Elexaco


631 Ales (event number changed to 463)

627 Indoor Electric Duration (event number changed to 225)
629 Open Class Elec Indoor RC Duration (event number changed to 226)

606 Class A—CL Speed (event number changed to 334)
607 Class B—CL Speed (event number changed to 335)