Neu-Castle International Cup
For Electric Model Aircraft
Muncie, Indiana USA August 17 & 18, 2010

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Event Director: Mr. Michael Neale

Contest Directors:
F5B, Mr. Steve Manganelli ') 
F5D, Mr. Peter Bergstrom

The AMA Sanctioned Neu-Castle International Cup, Open F5B and Open F5D contest shall be conducted on Wednesday and Thursday August 18 & 19, 2010, immediately preceding the Opening Ceremonies of the World Championships. This event will give the World Championships competitors the opportunity to practice on the official instrumented courses.

Location: International Aeromodeling Center, Muncie, Indiana SITE 4 & SITE 3

Eligibility: Open to all contestants of the FAI F5B/F5D World Championships and others possessing a current AMA membership card. If you are not flying in the World Championship competition, please notify the Contest Director for information regarding an AMA Membership.

Entry Fee: $60.00 USD. This fee is to be paid in US funds to the Event Director/Contest Directors
immediately prior to the start of the competition.

Advanced Entry: Each World Championship Team Manager kindly send (1) E-mail containing the names of all their Countrymen who intend to compete to the respective Contest Directors by August 14, 2010. Entrants not affiliated with any WC Team, please send an E-mail directly. Entries may be accepted later at the discretion of the Contest Directors.

Individual Awards: F5B & F5D—1st through 3rd place in each category.

Team Awards: 1st through 3rd place in each category. Each contestant shall be randomly assigned Challenge to a (3) person team announced prior to the start of the competition. Each team will consist of members from (3) different Countries to foster international camaraderie and friendship among the competitors. The Team Challenge placing shall be derived from the individual normalized scores of the team members (F5B) and scores per g (F5D).

All Awards will be presented at the Organizers Banquet at the
Horizon Convention Center on Wednesday August 25, 2010



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