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Rules Proposals that Passed the Initial Vote The following proposals passed the initial vote of the Contest Boards and are now subject to Cross Proposals. Cross Proposals are an alternate means of accomplishing the objectives of a Basic proposal. While there is latitude in allowing alternative proposals, the original objective shall be retained. Cross proposals will not be used to introduce new rules changes or to reintroduce proposals that were defeated in the initial ballot. 


RC Aerobatics

Initial Vote Results


RCA 18-01 C1

RCA 18-02 C1

2017 Off-Cycle Rule Proposal and Voting

RC Soaring

2017 Urgent Proposals

2017 Urgent Proposal Vote Results

2018-2019 Rules Change Proposals

RC Aerobatics

2019-2020 Rules Change Proposals

RC Soaring

RC Fixed-Wing Scale

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CL Scale

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Outdoor Free Flight

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