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AMA selects and fields approximately 25 teams to compete in different World Championships. This is a great honor for our members. These teams represent the United States of America as well as the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Team managers are responsible for raising funds to offset these expenses. Donations are a great way to support the teams. These gifts are tax-deductible. Listed are the various FAI teams sponsored by AMA. Please show your support by making a donation today!

• Outdoor FF (F1A, F1B, F1C)
• Junior FF (F1A, F1B, F1P)
• Indoor FF Junior & Senior (F1D)
• FF (F1E)
• CL Speed (F2A)
• CL Aerobatics (F2B)
• CL Racing ((F2C)
• CL Combat (F2D)
• RC Aerobatics (F3A)
• RC Thermal Soaring (F3B)
• RC Helicopter (F3C)
• RC Helicopter Freestyle(F3N)
• RC Pylon Racing (F3D)
• RC Slope Soaring (F3F)
• RC Thermal Duration Junior & Senior (F3J)
• RC Hand Launch Gliders Junior & Senior (F3K)
• RC Indoor Aerobatics (F3P)
• RC Electric (F5B & F5D)

For more information, contact AMA Headquarters at (765) 287-1256, extension 252 or 230. or email:

To view a copy of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS Procedures Governing the Academy's Sponsorship of FAI Teams for 2014 and beyond, Click:  "BLUE BOOK" 

For those individuals that will be competing in a World Championship or an international event, you will be required to have a current FAI Sporting License. Please contact Colleen Pierce at AMA Headquarters (1-765-287-1256 ext. 252) to purchase your FAI Stamp. The cost for the FAI Stamp is $75. 

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