The Academy of Model Aeronautics, in association with its Chartered Club, Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego is pleased to host the 2010 F5B & D Electric World Championships.

Every active FAI affiliated National Aero Club (National Airsport Control Organization) will be invited to enter a team to participate in the 2010 F5B & D Electric World Championships, to be held  August 19-25, 2010, at the home of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (International Aeromodeling Center), Muncie, Indiana, USA. The 2008 F5B & D Individual World Champions are also invited to attend. 

RE: Wing Stickers for use in the F5D World Championships

We will be using a colored wing sticker identification system at the 2010 World Championships for F5D in Muncie. This system provides the course workers with a way to easily identify the airplane for timing, turn light and cut infractions. We have found the use of the stickers (for about 16 years now) to be extremely advantageous in operating a quality race. The primary benefit to the participants is much fewer errors on the part of the course workers, requiring much fewer re-fly’s to correct those errors. As such the following protocols will be adhered to:

1. We will use 3 different colors, one for each lane assignment.
2. Each contestant will have a permanent lane assignment so there will be no need to remove and change the sticker color throughout the race.
3. Stickers will be applied to both left and right wings, top and bottom so that wing balance will not be an issue.
4. Sticker location will be determined during the Neu-Castle Cup (i.e. inboard or outboard location).
5. Tests have shown that the combined weight of upper & lower, right and left stickers is between 4.0-6.4 grams, depending upon the sticker area based on the location on the wing.
6. The tare weight of the scale used for weighing the models during the competition will be adjusted for the weight of the stickers. This tare weight will reflect the actual weight of the appropriate stickers in their contest chosen location (inboard or outboard). This tare weight will be established once at the start of the World Champs and will not change after that.
7. Each airplane will carry these stickers – no matter how ‘easily identifiable’ the contestant deems his model.
8. These stickers will be available for test flying no later than 12pm on Monday, August 16th.



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