February 1 TAG Grant PostMarked by February 1 AMA Take off and Grow Grant

Awarded in April

February 1  Scholarships

No official announcement date (it depends on the 2nd quarter EC meeting and when it’s held)

February 15 Youth Leadership Award

Announced in April

March 1 Flying Site Grants

Announced May 1

March 31 Leader Club Renewals

No official announcement

March 31 AMA Hall of Fame Postmarked by March 31

Announced after the July EC meeting

March 31 Club Charter Expiration

No official announcement

March 31 Special Interest Group Renewals

No official announcement

August 31 National Aeromodeling Heritage Program


September 15 Goldberg Award

Announced November 10

Sanctioned Event Calendar – 120 days for maximum exposure; 30 days minimum
Foundation Donations – December 30 for tax purposes