Keeping Your Flying Sites

Actually, you keep your flying site in the same way you keep a friend. The land, its owner, and your neighbors are your friends and should be treated as such. One should never abuse the privilege of friendship but should always strive to maintain good personal and public relations with a friend. In short, treat a friend---like a friend! Empathy means putting yourself in the other fellow’s place, so empathy is the key to maintain good relations with your flying site owner(s) and neighboring property owners. Put yourself in their shoes. Think how you would like a group using your property (or the property next door) to treat you.

Review the headings below and look over the support documents. Hopefully you can find something to help you. Please remember that you can call or e-mail me to get additional help. 

For assistance, you may contact us at 1-800-I-FLY-AMA, Ext 230, or .

Club Stories

We encourage you to read case studies from clubs across the country. Learn from their experiences and successes.

In addition to all the success stories above, you can view the progress of current project.
Current and Pending Success Stories

Safety and Security Issues

See and Avoid Guidance
Safety Poster Information
Flying Site Safety and Operational Rules 
Recommended RC Flying Site Specificiations 

AMA Revenue Resources

Club Disaster Assistance Program
Club Recognition and Reward Program
TAG Grant Program

Event or Site Documents

Getting and Keeping Flying Sites
Recommended RC Flying Site Specificiations
Application for Insuring Flying Site Owners or Event Sponsors
Recommendations for Clubs Partnering with Park Flyers
Running and AMA Cub Program
Introductory Pilot Program
AMA Sound Abatement Recommendations
Sample Leases

Facing Community Relations Issues

We have some success stories from clubs that you should read about. AMA can also provide help with documents to support you. We have many documents, from environmental impact studies to sound-studies, that can support your situation. AMA may also be able to assist financially should legal action be needed by the club.


Club Stories

We encourage you to read case studies from clubs across the country. Learn from their experiences and successes.


Sample Presentations

Proposal to the Harriman City Council
Getting and Keeping Flying Sites Powerpoint Presentation 

Getting and Keeping Flying Sites Video Presentation:

AMA and EPA Celebrates Five Year Partnership Video Presentation:


Letters of Support and Testimonials

Patrick T. Redig DVM, PhD Director of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota.
Vice Admiral J.R. Ryan, Superintendent United State Department of The Navy


Legal Support Materials

AMA Help on Local Legal Problems


Taxes and Grants Documents

Local Clubs and Tax Exempt Status
Sample IRS Form 1024
Flying Site Grant Development


Flying Site Documents

Finding and Keeping Flying Sites
AMA Can Help
Site Owner Coverage
AMA Safety Code
Flying Site Description Form
AMA Sound Abatement Recommendations
Sample Leases