AMA Leader Club Program

Current requirements for the Leader Club Program are as follows.

  1. Clubs must have been chartered by AMA for a minimum of five years.
  2. Club membership must be open to all AMA members and not limited to a certain number.
  3. Clubs must develop and post Safety and Operational Rules at their flying sites.
  4. Clubs must file a copy of Safety and Operational Rules at AMA Headquarters.
  5. A club’s flying field must have separate areas for fliers and spectators, clearly marked as such.
  6. The AMA Safety Code must be posted and visible at the club field.

A club's District Vice President may waive one of the preceding requirements.

If your club is interested in qualifying as an AMA Leader Club, please contact Marketing Partner Lead, 5161 E. Memorial Drive, Muncie IN 47302; Tel: (765) 287-1256, ext. 272.

Leader Club Application - PDF document 708

2016 AMA Leader Clubs

Congratulations and thank you to all the clubs listed that qualified as 2016 AMA Leader Clubs. Your dedication and continuing support to modeling and your community is commended!


495th RC Squadron, 340
Aero Guidance Society, Inc., 441
Aero Radio Club of Syracuse, 442
Airmasters Model Airplane Club, 222
Alvin RC Modelers Association, 1307
Arizona Model Pilots Society, 1546
Arvada Associated Modelers, 399
Associated Modelers of Sacramento, 4587
Baltimore Area Soaring Society, 493
Barnyard Buzzards MAC, 2953
Bartholomew County Radio Control Fliers, 4779
Beltzville Flying Society Machine, 1783 Beresford Area Radio Flyers, 2577
Bergen County Silent Flyers, 2768
Binghamton Aeros, 2187
Black Sheep RC Modelers, 3032
Blennerhassett Area RC Club, 2028
Blount County Modelers Association, 2899
Blue and Gray Miniature Aircraft Squadron, 3410
Blue Max RC Flying Club, 1040
Boerne Area Model Society, 3787
Calumet Flyers, Inc., 1282
Cape Coral R/Seahawks, 543
Carlisle Aeromodelers, 1424
Casa Grande RC Flyers, 5100
Casper Airmodelers, 672
Celina Flying Sportsman Flying Club, 1970
Central Carolina RC Modelers, 1257
Champaign County Radio Control Club, 244
Charlotte Aeromodelers Inc., 710
Chesapeake Bay Radio Control Club, 326
Circlemasters Flying Club, 662
Coachella Valley RC Club, 2458
Colonial Virginia Aeromodelers, 1474
Corsair Model Aircraft Club, 502
Crown Point Aeromodelers, 1607
Deep River R/C Flying Club, 2991
District of Columbia Radio Control Club, 329
El Paso Radio Controllers, 1043
Electric Powered Aeromodelers, 4372
Eugene RC Aeronauts, 530
Fauquier Aero-Recreation Modelers, 1654
Finger Lakes Air Pirates, 101
First Weedwacker Aero Squadron, 1651
Fort Bend Radio Control Club, 615
Fort Wayne Flying Circuits, Inc., 285
Fort Worth Thunderbirds Radio Control Association, 1217
Fox Valley Aero Club, 252
Fredericksburg Aeromasters, 1552
Fresno Radio Modelers, 692
Ft. Smith Flightmasters MAC, 742
Greater Southwest Aero Modelers, 1140
Harbor Soaring Society, 128
Highland Lakes Flyers, 2317
Highlands Radio Control Club, Inc., 547
Hill Hoppers Flying Club, 658
Hot Springs RC Club, 676
Hutch Bunch RC Club, 1261
Indianapolis R/C South, 903
Jefco Aeromod’lers, 176
Jersey Coast Sport Fliers, 1265
Johnstown R/C Club, 718
Kansas City Radio Control Association, 390
Kent County Aeromodelers, Inc., 198
Kent Radio Aeromodelers Club Inc., 362
Lake County Modelers and Flyers, 5117
Las Vegas Radio Control, 972
Las Vegas Soaring Club, 3308
Longmont Electric Aircraft Flyers, 4648
Loudoun County Aeromodelers Association, 799
Love-Air RC, 2356
Macon Aero Modelers, Inc., 3114
Mather Aero Space Modelers, 1243
McMinn County Radio Control Assocation, 1596
Mid Arkansas Radio Control Society, Inc., 107
Midland RC Modelers, 147
Millersburg RC Modelers, 2959

Miramar Radio Control Flyers, 3496
MMRCHA, 4966
Mt. Washington Valley R/C Club, 2659
Nacogdoches Aeromodelers, 2305
Nampa Model Aviators, 2719
New Canaan RC Society, 1455
North County Flying Tigers Model Airplane Club, Inc., 3937
North Eastern Drone Society, 187
North Texas Aeromodelers, 1659
Northern Virginia Radio Control, Inc., 636
Ocean County Modelers, 775
Okeechobee RC Association Inc., 5279
Oneonta RC Flyers, 3210
Orange Coast R/C Club, 1330
Owatonna R/C Modelers, 2367
Paducah Aero Modelers, 834
Palm Beach RC Association, 1016
Paulding County Model Aviation, 2713
Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club, 142
Port City RCer’s, 1086
Propsnappers R/C Club, 871
R.A.M.A.C., 429
R.A.M.M., 731
R/C Bush Pilots, 1829
Radio Control Club of Detroit, 368
Radio Control Club of Rochester, 465
Radio Controlled Sport Flyers, 1160
RC Propbusters, 191
Red Baron RC Modelers, Ltd., 1358
Redstick R/C Flying Club, 2928
Rend Lake RC Club, 240
Richardson R/C Club, 623
Riverside Aero Modeler Society, 1940
Rochester Aeromodeling Society, 468
Rock Valley R/C Flyers, 828
Rogue Eagles RC Club, 534
Rutland County RC Flyers, 3090
Santa Fe Dam RC Modelers, 988
Seminole RC Club, 216
Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club, 312
Silent Knights Soaring Society, 950
Sky Kings R/C Club, 4693
Sky Rovers Flying Club, Inc., 469
Skymasters R/C of Michigan, 970
Sonoran Desert Flyers Inc., 3249
Southern Tier Aero Radio Society, 563
Spirits of St. Louis RC Flying Club, 396
Stone Mountain Radio Control Flyers, 4454
Suburban Aero Club of Chicago, 274
Syracuse Thunderbirds, 473
Temecula Valley Flyers, 2484
Texas Chiefs Model Airplane Club, 1732
Thorncreek R/C Club, 723
Thousand Oaks Soaring Society, 1493
Three Rivers Area Model Planes Society, 3999
Tidewater Radio Control Club, 641
Traverse Area Model Pilots Society, 1091
Tri City Flyers, 850
Triad Aeromodelers, Inc., 3467
Tri-County RC Flyers, 1308
Tri-County RC, 344
Tri-County Wingsnappers, 573
Tri-Valley RC Modelers, 170
Tucson Radio Control Club, 112
United Flying Organization, 1025
Utah Valley Aeromodelers, 2834
Valley R/C Model Club, Inc., 580
Volutneer Aeromodelers, 1572
Wausau RC Sportsmen, 671
Westlake R/C Club, Inc., 1384
Wind Walkers R/C, 4744
Winnebago RC Flyers, 1269
Wintonbury Flying Club, 1108
Wolverine Skyhawks, Inc., 1514
Yuma Aeromodelers, 320

Hernando Aeromodelers Club, 314
Jetero RC Club, Inc., 1218
Lafayette Cloud Jockeys, 1069
Southern Arizona Modelers, 1191
Wawayanda Flying Club, 3916
Whidbey Island Radio Control Society, 624
New Bern Aeromodelers, 2361
Brenham R/C Airplane Club, 3118
Radio Control Club of Connecticut, 190