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Current TFRs:

Posted 2/17/09 (Indefinite) 

A NOTAM has been issued in regards to the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA). In the interest of National Security the FAA has codified special flight rules and flight restrictions for certain aircraft operations in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. The new rules and the NOTAM went into effect on February 17, 2009 and were updated December 1, 2010. The rules and restrictions remain in effect until further notice. Outdoor model aircraft operations are prohibited within the inner portion of the SFRA known as the Washington Metropolitan Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ). TFRs are subject to change with very short notice. Please check back often for the most current NOTAM/TFR information. Timely alerts are also available on the web or on your cell phone at: Twitter.com/amagov.

See the link to the NOTAM and the Map View of the Affected Area below for more detailed information regarding the restrictions:

  • FRZ - Approx, 15nm radius from Latitude: 38º51’34”N, Longitude: 077º02'11"W
    The DC FRZ is that airspace depicted beginning at Latitude: 38º59’31”N, Longitude: 077º18'30", thence clockwise along a 15nm arc from the DCA/VOR (Latitude: 38º51’34”N, Longitude: 077º02'11"W) to Latitude: 39º06’28”N, Longitude: 077º04'32"W, thence southeast via a line drawn to Latitude: 39º02’18”N, Longitude: 076º50'38"W, thence south via a line drawn to Latitude: 38º59’01”N, Longitude: 076º48'32"W, thence clockwise along a 13nm arc from the DCA/VOR to Latitude: 38º50’53”N, Longitude: 077º18'48", thence north to the point of beginning, excluding the airspace within a 1nm radius of Freeway Airport, Mitchellville, MD. The FRZ is within and part of the Washington Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA). 

NOTAM - Washington DC Metropolitan Special Flight Rules Area

NOTAM/TFR Updated 11/18/10 - 0/8326

Map View of the Special Flight Rules Area

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