Leader Member

Welcome to “information central” for AMA Leader Members, the highest level of membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the nation’s collective voice for model aviation. This membership category is awarded to deserving Adult* members who have demonstrated an above-average interest and participation in AMA operations per the guidelines established by the Academy’s Executive Council.

There are changes to the program as of this year, which include expanding the existing three categories of Leader Member designation to five. New are Education and Flight categories that encourage active service to clubs and members. See the FAQs below for details.

Leader Members lead. While this program has a long, proud history, the AMA considers it is time put more emphasis on encouraging more direct service by Leader Members. For LMs on board prior to the 2012 membership year there will be no changes, but I hope that all LMs will consider actively helping clubs and members in the coming year.

As the national coordinator for the Leader Member program I encourage all experienced and dedicated aeromodelers to consider applying for Leader Member status. You will serve at your discretion, at your chosen pace, and to your interests.

I’m here to help you help others in our fine organization. I look forward to your participation and our ongoing communications. Let’s get to work helping others have fun!

*Park Pilot members do not qualify

Scott Anderson,
Leader Member Program Coordinator

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