Frequently Asked Questions

An AMA Leader Member is an Adult* member who has demonstrated an above-average interest and/or participation in AMA matters and who qualifies in accordance with Executive Council-approved requirements. *Park Pilot members do not qualify The AMA Leader Member Committee is tasked with developing new and creative ways to communicate with, and utilize, the diverse education, motivation, and talents of our Leader Members. This volunteer force represents nearly 2,500 members that benefit the Academy and the general membership. Leader membership is attained through an individual’s demonstrated conduct and contributions, via a Leader Membership Application form. This form requires your relevant experiences and three references of other Leader Member. If Leader members are unavailable three Adult* Members and an endorsement by a District Vice President or Associate Vice President may be substituted. *Park Pilot members do not qualify Leader Member duties vary by category. While it is the responsibility of every Leader Member to represent and promote AMA and the sport of aeromodeling, Leader Members within the categories of Education Support and Flight Support have specific duties and responsibilities including public outreach, assisting clubs, member support, membership development, and other duties as defined by the Leader Member Program. Leader Members have the right to vote on AMA bylaws changes. There are five categories in the Leader Member program. Education Support, Flight Support, Administrative, Scientific, and Industrial. Education Support and Flight Support are reserved for members who are actively involved with specific leadership, educational, and outreach activities. This depends on your Leader Member category. Leader Members who hold the category of Administrative, Scientific or Industrial do not need to renew their status if they remain as a member in good standing. Leader Members who obtain their status within the categories of Education or Flight must renew their status every three years, via documentation of their work efforts and a self evaluation. Leader Members work with their District Vice President and Associate Vice President to promote and support AMA and model aviation. Demographics and geography play a role in the frequency of contact, responsibilities, and local areas that Leader Members work within. Frequent communication with the District Vice President and/or Associate Vice President is vital in serving as an effective Leader Member! Yes, Leader Members previously designated as Administrative, Scientific, or Industrial will retain their status within those categories. However, previously designated Leader Members are strongly encouraged to become involved and recognized within the Education or Flight categories. Every Leader Member's AMA card includes an endorsement that they are an AMA Leader Member. Also, Leader Member hats are available to Leader Members only, that uniquely identify you as a Leader Member. You can Learn More about the Leader Member Program by visiting, speaking with your District Vice President or Associate Vice President, or by contacting the Leader Member Program Coordinator.