Membership FAQ

Q. - How/where can I get a membership application?
A. - You may print the form from this web site. Click here...

You may also obtain a copy of the application... 

  • from a current issue of Model Aviation magazine.
  • from your local hobby shop
  • by calling the AMA membership help line at 1-800-435-9262 (I FLY AMA).
  • by going to the online renewal page. Click here ...

Q. - May I join by calling the AMA?
A. - Yes. You can apply for membership by calling 1-800-435-9262 and provide one of our customer service representatives with all of the necessary information.

Q. - May I use an outdated application?
A. - No. The waiver statement and safety code on AMA membership applications are subject to change. We require member candidates to read and understand all current waiver and safety code information prior to signing the application.

Q. - What is the AMA Membership fax number?
A. - (765) 741-0057

Q. - How long does it take to receive my membership card?
A. - You should allow at least three weeks from the date we receive your application. This is especially true during our membership renewal season which runs from September 15 through December 31. During the non-renewal season, you may receive your membership card sooner.

Q. - What if I lose my membership card? Can I get a new one?
A. - Yes. Call 1-800-I FLY AMA and request one. A customer service representative will ask you a few questions and process your request. Please allow seven to ten business days to receive your duplicate card.

If you need to verify that you are a covered AMA member before receiving your new card, ask the customer service representative and we will either fax or email one to you.

Q. - When will I start receiving my Model Aviation magazines?
A. - Members will receive the next available issue of Model Aviation after their membership application is processed. Please allow four to six weeks to receive your first issue.

Q. - How do I report a change of address so I may still receive my magazine?
A. - Call 1-800 I FLY AMA. A customer service representative will make the address change information in your record or contact the directly. You may also change your address by updating your profile.

Be sure to notify us at least six weeks in advance. The advance notice is necessary because mailing labels are produced four to six weeks prior to mailing the magazine. You will need to instruct your post office to forward your magazine to you during the interim.