AMA Membership Discounts and Exclusive Offers

In addition to the great resources, tools, insurance, publications, having a voice in Washington, and so much an AMA Member you also receive discounts from our participating partners.


Hundreds of AMA members have signed up for Nationwide’s lower auto, motorcycle, and RV insurance premiums. These special premiums are only for AMA members. It’s a win-win situation for you and for the AMA. The affinity program benefits both members and the AMA—you save on your insurance, while AMA receives financial incentives that help fund programs and keep your membership dues from increasing.

Visit the Nationwide Insurance website to learn how you can start saving today.


We have partnered with sister car rental companies Enterprise and National to give you lower rates and the opportunity to earn free car rental days. By being an AMA member and using a special account code and password, you can save up to 5% on car rentals at Enterprise and receive special rates with National.

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If you would rather not sign-up you can still take advantage of our price discount. Download details on this offer.

  Involve your AMA chartered club in support of an activity that is beneficial to a local charity or community activity…receive positive recognition in the form of television coverage, radio coverage, or print coverage; and receive additional recognition and up to a $300 financial reward from AMA.
  We have partnered with Kings Island to offer discount tickets to our employees, members and museum visitors! Beginning now, you can go online at and enter our promo code “KIAMA” to receive the discounted pricing.

Does your business want to participate in our membership program?    If so, please at 1-800-435-9262 x290.