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A comprehensive package of support materials is available free of charge. An excellent video is also available and may be borrowed by chartered clubs. In addition, qualified AMA staffers may visit clubs and local government agencies for meeting regarding site acquisition. Write to the Marketing Department at AMA Headquarters.

An intro-pilot program is available to all chartered clubs. Qualified pilots from chartered clubs may participate. Instructors can train non-AMA members to fly airplanes during a time period of 60 consecutive days, and students are covered by the liability provisions of the AMA insurance policy. Full details are available from the Membership Department at AMA Headquarters.

The AMA Headquarters staff will ship free handout materials to chartered clubs and award a commemorative pin to workers. Clubs need to notify AMA Headquarters 30 days prior to their planned show to allow time for shipping.

AMA encourages highly skilled fliers who enjoy performing before audiences to inquire about the AST and annual reporting stipulations. For more information concerning the Air Show Team Program please see the Air Show Team Web site.


Several scholarships are awarded annually to young AMA members entering a college or university. Annual awards total approximately $40,000. Interested applicants may obtain details by writing to AMA Headquarters.

 Educator Support

A classroom package is available to educators who write to AMA Headquarters on school letterhead. This package contains suggestions for classroom activities, lists sources of materials, and identifies other companies and associations which provide documentation and guidance. The use of model aviation techniques by teachers can enhance learning opportunities for students in mathematics and various sciences. Contact the Education Department.

Located at AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, the Lee Renaud Memorial Research Library is open for research. The library is a great source for research and AMA historical information. Collections of modeling magazines spanning many decades are available for examination. Direct all inquiries to the librarian at (765) 287-1256 ext. 508.


A program designed to recognize leaders in the modeling community. Three classifications exist: Administrative, Industry, and Scientific. Members recognized in this program help to administer Academy activities as well as maintain and vote on the AMA bylaws. Information and applications are available form the Membership Department at AMA Headquarters.

In an effort to recognize the leadership of the finest and most dedicated AMA Chartered Clubs, the Academy offers the Leader Club Awards. These awards can be earned by any AMA Chartered Club that demonstrates the highest standards of community service, involvement and modeling activity. For further information on qualification, please contact the Programs Department.

Contest Directors are responsible for organizing and running flying events through the AMA sanctioning program. Information and applications are available from the Competitions/Technical Department at AMA Headquarters. Call (765) 287-1256 Ext 232.

Clubs may purchase appreciation awards for flying site providers and others who assist chartered clubs in their endeavors. The AMA certificate is nicely designed and arranged for signature by a club officer. A walnut-mounted plaque, with up to 30 words inscribed by calligraphy and decorated with a gold seal and red, white, and blue ribbon, is only $25 postpaid. Contact the Programs Department (765) 287-1256 and Ext 291.

For a contribution of $1,500, you become an AMA contributing member with Life membership privileges. Your Life membership provides automatic annual renewal of AMA membership which includes:
Model Flier's license
Model Aviation
Permanent bronze license card
Continuing recognition of your contribution through issuance of special "L" AMA number. Example: L330
Call or write Life Member Clerk, JoEllen Eppards at , for additional information.

AMA Hall of Fame

Established in 1969, the AMA Hall of Fame honors those men and women who have made significant contributions to the sport of aeromodeling. The list of members is long and distinguished. Contributions may be in volunteer or administrative activities, product development, competition performance, or a variety or combination of activities.

The selection committee is composed of past and present AMA presidents and one individual selected from each of the 11 districts by their respective vice presidents. Each year, a new class is inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame, and the winners are announced in Model Aviation magazine.

Any AMA member can submit a Hall of Fame nomination. For a nomination form or further information, contact Erin Dobbs at , (765) 287-1256, ext. 272.

List of Members.

AMA Walk of Fame

What better way to honor a club member or celebrate your club than to sponsor a symbol of support for your national organization? This gift to the Academy is not only tax-deductible, but is a permanent sign of your dedication to aeromodeling. Call (765) 287-1256, ext. 261, or click here for more information and the order form.


Any AMA member has the opportunity to represent the U.S.A. and AMA in an international aeromodeling competition event. Trials for selecting members of world championship teams are held annually. Details are published in Model Aviation magazine. They are also obtainable through the Competitions/Technical Department at AMA Headquarters. All international events are authorized by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.


The Academy of Model Aeronautics has entered into working arrangements with private companies that have agreed to provide various types of insurance plans to AMA members. These plans are based on the ability to offer advantageous pricing schedules to the large "pool" of membership contacts.


AMA is pleased to offer Vision and Dental benefits to it's members.Find out more information, or to enroll, by calling 800-747-4472. Or download a pdf HERE!

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