Carl Goldberg Vital People Award

Many clubs have one. Those really fortunate clubs might have more than one. What are they? Its members who go above and beyond to support model aviation, our clubs, and our members. They do this quietly, sometimes in the background, and often ask for little in return other than maybe the occasional “thank you.” They might be club officers, newsletter editors, or even members who raise their hands at club meetings and volunteer to pull things together for the club picnic, fly-in, or some other event.

In 1983, Carl and Beth Goldberg asked the Academy of Model Aeronautics to help create an award to recognize these types of individuals. Called the Carl & Beth Goldberg Vital People Award, it was presented annually to “vital people in the background of the modeling movement whose efforts enhance the enjoyment of the hobby and whose accomplishments are seldom formally acknowledged.” Carl Goldberg (1912-1985) was an exceptional model aircraft designer, a model-club founder, an educator, and a business owner, among other things. He is a prominent figure in the history of the AMA and aeromodeling. Many of you may recognize the Goldberg name on model kits from Carl Goldberg Products.

AMA is pleased to continue this tradition and thank our members who make model aviation at the local level more enjoyable for all of us.  The Goldberg name is certainly a legacy we want to live on through AMA and the sport of model aviation.

All it takes is one member or club to nominate a deserving individual. The recipients will be selected by a committee of members: one from each AMA district. The winners will be announced in late October each year.

This is an opportunity for you to do something in return for that member who works so hard to make model aviation better for all of us.

For more information click here to download the application

**No applications will be accepted after September 15, and winners will be announced by November 10.
**Please submit the application electronically to Erin Dobbs at AMA HQ.

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