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Part of the mission of the National Model Aviation Museum is to remember and care for aeromodeling history through preserving the physical legacy of the sport. This means that the Museum collects three-dimensional objects relating to aeromodeling that help convey the story, evolution, and importance of the modeling experience. We have about 11,000 artifacts in our collection, including model airplanes, radio systems, engines, building tools and equipment, and memorabilia such as patches, stickers and clothing.

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We recognize that the artifacts in our collections are important and that we care for them on behalf of every modeler. Because of this, the Museum practices preventative care following standards set by various museum and conservation agencies. As part of the preventative care, staff works hard to keep the artifacts in a controlled environment with set amounts of light, temperature and relative humidity. Also as a part of this care, artifacts are rotated on and off exhibit to “rest” for periods of time. Rotating artifacts on and off display also allows visitors to see different exhibits and items each time they visit.

The Museum’s goal is to have as complete a collection as possible, and we are always looking to add to it. Before you mail anything, however, you must contact the Museum Registrar to verify that the equipment, book, or object is something the Museum does not already have. If you have a model that you would like to donate, it must first be approved by the Acquisitions Committee before being donated. For more information on donating artifacts to the collections, please follow the link to the Artifact Submission Form.

The collections storage area is not open for general viewing, but appointments for research purposes are possible. Staff is also available to look up information for you if you are unable to travel to the museum, but please be aware that research fees apply. For more information please contact Maria VanVreede at (765)-287-1256, ext. 508, or .