Models give everyone the power to experience the thrill of flight while their feet are on the ground!

Complete your group's experience at the museum building and flying your own model aircraft. Our "Build-and-Fly Adventures!" are a hit with schools, scouts, and other groups of all ages. To ensure we have the correct amount of supplies for your adventure, please book at least two weeks in advance. Each adventure includes:

  • A tour of the museum
  • Free-play time in our hands-on gallery
  • Either the FPG-9 or Sky Streak model

Tour prices start at $40 (FPG-9) or $60 (Sky Streak). Delta Dart and Wright Brothers Bat tours are also available. for a group of ten youth visitors. We can accommodate groups smaller than ten, but you will be charged the flat fee regardless.

For groups larger than ten, we charge $4 (FPG-9) or $6 (Sky Streak) per child.

Adults wishing to participate in the build will be charged $5 (FPG-9) or $7 (Sky Streak).

Teachers and Scout Leaders visit for free, and chaperones will be charged $4 each.

The FPG-9 glider is made from foam and teaches basic construction and trimming techniques. We will also teach you how to use the built-in control surfaces to change the direction of your flight. After we build it, we'll perform an indoor flight test challenge! This simple model is perfect for ages 5 and up.

Cost: $4 youth
         $5 adult
Time: about 90 minutes


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The Sky Streak is a rubber-powered balsa wood model. You will learn the basics of balsa construction, and we'll help you transform the basic kit into a super flying machine! You'll also learn how to properly wind the motor and techniques for a strong launch. If the weather is right, we will go outside and fly them. Sky Streaks are best suited for ages 10 and up.

Cost: $6 youth
         $7 adult

Time: about 90 minutes


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Food & Drink

While food and drinks are not permitted inside the gallery space, we understand that your students get hungry! Luckily, we have both indoor and outdoor space where your students can eat lunch. When you book a tour at the National Model Aviation Museum, you and your students have access to the Claude McCullough Education Facility for no additional charge.

Additional Activities

If you are looking to expand your field trip, we offer additional activities. These require additional time beyond the 90-minute Build-and-Fly Adventure.


"All Because of Model Airplanes" Introductory Film

This 20-minute film is shown in our Museum's theater and introduces model aviation as a hobby. It shows model aircraft in action and talks about some of the different types of aircraft, competitions and benefits of the hobby.

Flying Demonstrations at our Outdoor Site

We may be able to provide your group with a special flight demo session in our outdoor space! Our bleachers give a great view and the sound system makes it easy for students to hear explanations from the pilot and to ask questions during the flight. This activity requires additional time and is weather-dependent. Ask about our outdoor flight demos when you book for availability and pricing!