The National Model Aviation Museum is a great fit for scouts!

Let us provide a fun and educational experience your troop will remember!

Girl Scouts

Interested in bringing your Girl Scout troop to the National Model Aviation Museum? We recommend making a reservation for either the Build-and-Fly Tour: FPG-9s or the Forces of Flight: Sky Streak Tour! 

Boy Scouts

Aviation Merit Badge Tour

During your visit at the National Model Aviation Museum, you will be able to fulfill the following Aviation Merit Badge requirements:

1a. Define "aircraft." Describe some kinds and uses of aircraft today. Explain the operation of piston, turboprop, and jet engines.
1b. Point out on a model airplane the forces that act on an airplane in flight.
1c. Explain how an airfoil generates lift, how the primary control surfaces (ailerons, elevators, and rudder) affect the airplane's attitude, and how a propeller produces thrust.
1d. Demonstrate how the control surfaces of an airplane are used for takeoff, straight climb, level turn, climbing turn, descending turn, straight descent, and landing.
3b. Build a model FPG-9. Get others in your troop or patrol to make their own model, then organize a competition to test the precision of flight and landing of the models.
4c. Visit an aviation museum or attend an air show. Report on your impressions of the museum or show.

Scheduling a Tour

To schedule a BSA Aviation Badge Tour, please call or email our Museum Educator, Claire!

(765-287-1256 x509)

Our Scout tours start at $50 for a group of ten, with $5 for each additional Scout. Troop leaders and chaperones are always free!

Tours are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. If you are interested in scheduling a tour on a Saturday, please schedule at least two weeks in advance to allow for staff availability.