AMA Logos of the Past

1936-1939 Used by NAA and sometimes AMA
(Example from 1939 NATS program)
(Example from August 1936 Model Aviation issue)
(Example from August 1936 Model Aviation issue)
(example from 1940 Nats program, also appeared in 1940 Model Aviation issue)
And also sparingly at least through 1988
(Example from Sept 1950 Model Aviation issue)
1955 example of color variation in logo
(Example from 1955 Nats program)
1967 example of color and wing-length variation in logo
(Example from 1967 Nats program)
1985-1986 Used for the 50th anniversary
(Example from 1985 letterhead)
Used at least from 1985-1987
It was used on letterhead and the glass over the door of the Reston headquarters
(Example from 1987 letterhead)
Early 1990s
(Example from July 1991 Model Aviation issue)
1992-2008 Used at least by 1992 (maybe earlier), and – Notice a slight variation on the font in “since 1936” from the early 1990s logo.
This logo lasted through 2008.
(Examples from (Top) Nats 1996 Program and (Bottom) 1992 Model Aviation magazine)