The AMA History Project

What is the AMA History Project?

It is our on-going endeavor to save the history of model aviation by collecting the stories of model aviation enthusiasts, the histories of modeling companies, clubs, and other organizations, as well as other compilations of historical data about the hobby/sport that is model aviation.

What is in the collection?

We have over 1025 modeler biographies, 57 club histories, and 25 company histories completed and online, and our collection keeps growing. The following links will take you to our current collection of biographies, histories, as well as other model aviation-related historical information. Please contribute your story today!

How do I get involved?

Want to add your story, a club's history, a company's history, or other types of modeling histories? Submit your story today! If you would like a little help writing, feel free to use our helpful writing guides and forms below:

I need to sign a consent form. Where do I find one?

Use the link below to print out our consent form:

*The consent form lets us publish content on our website. When you submit content to the AMA History Project, you can choose to allow us to use the content  for the AMA's purposes only or grant us the copyright of the content that allows us to use it for both the AMA's purposes and outside purposes (such as allowing other club newsletter editors to use it in their publications).

When a consent form is completed and returned to us by the rights-holders, we format content to our web specs and post it on our website. If you or any other copyright owner prefers not to sign/submit a consent form, that is ok. We can still save the content in our History Project files (at our discretion), which are currently housed in the Museum. Our researchers can access this material in person or through certain research requests, depending on the material submitted.

I have questions about the History Project. Who do I contact?

Contact our Archivist/Historian, Jackie Shalberg via:

Call:               (765) 287-1256 ext. 511
Fax:                 (765) 281-7904
Mail:               AMA History Project
                        5151 E. Memorial Drive
                        Muncie, IN 47302
In-person:      National Model Aviation Museum
                       5151 E. Memorial Drive
                        Muncie, IN 47302

The AMA History Project physical files, including photographic prints, negatives, and papers, are housed in the National Model Aviation Museum.

AMA and Aeromodeling History Compilation

We are also compiling links below to information about the AMA, the Nats, and other model aviation history from our Museum's Library, Archives, Object Collections, the AMA, and other sources. Keep checking back as we continue to build our library of links.

We are beta testing our National Aeromodeling Championship (Nats) Top Scores spreadsheets. They are separated by decade, and each spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by last name. Please let us know if you find any potential errors and we'll research those concerns. (Click here for very detailed scores from 1998 to 2017 on the AMA Competitions Department's website. For example, 1998's RC Thermal Soaring Unlimited event goes to 112th place.)

Links to videos about the National Model Aviation Museum and AMA from other sources:

The AMA History Project physical files, including photographic prints, negatives, and papers, are maintained by the National Model Aviation Museum. Please if you find any errors in the information presented on our webpages.

Looking to donate items or papers to the Museum? Feel free to contact us via the info above. For our updated wish list, click here.