Our Library's Magazines, Newsletters and Journals

Below is a list of magazine, newsletter and journal titles we offer for reading in our Library. Issues available for each title varies, so please check with our staff to verify which issues we own.

Many magazines changed their titles over time, thus the list below contains all of the various titles each publication has been published under. (Ex. The newsletter title NMPRA News Release changed to NMPRA News Release High Performance in the 1990s.)

If you are looking for a specific issue or article, we would be happy to help you locate it, although research fees may apply depending on the time needed to research.  For article requests, we generally provide up to one hour of free staff time to find an article, so only the reprint fees apply.  If it takes over an hour to find an article, staff research fees will apply for all additional time spent.  The article may be either scanned and sent to you via e-mail -or- copied and sent through the U.S. Postal Service.  

Reprint costs for article copies are: (Price covers cost of scanning/emailing and/or shipping entire article)
Museum Patrons: $3.00 each article
AMA Members: $4.00 each article 
Non-Members: $5.00 each article

Have questions or want to donate magazines or club newsletters? Please contact either or for assistance.  You can also call us at (765)-287-1256, ext. 511 or 508.  [If you are looking for an article, please be as specific as possible in your description to help us find what you are looking for.]

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1001 New Model Airplane Ideas
13th Channel, The
1919-1939 AirWars
1971 Plane & Pilot magazine Book Antique & Classic Airplane Annual
3-D Flyer
40 For Presidents
8th AF News, The


AAF Review
AAHS Journal - Index for Volumes 1 through 10, 1956-1966
AAHS Newsletter
AAHS Journal
Academy of Model Aeronautics Journal, The
Academy of Model Aeronautics Newsletter
Aerial Age Weekly
Aero - America's Aviation Weekly
Aero & Hydro
Aero ‘n Photos
Aero Album
Aero Brush
Aero Club of Washington Aerogram
Aero Digest
Aero Mechanics
Aero Model
Aero Modelar (Bosnia - published in Yugoslavia)
Aero Modeles (France)
Aero Modelismo
Aero Modeller, The
Aero News Photo
Aero, The
Aero, The Aircraft Owners' Magazine
Aeromodeller Annual
Aeromodeller with Radio Control
Aeromodeller World Championship Digest
Aeromodeller, incorporating Model Aircraft
Aeromodeller, The
Aero-Modeller, The
Aeromodelli - Rivista Mensile Di Technica Aeromodellistica
Aeronautical Engineering, The (Japan)
Aeronautical Reporter
Aeronautical World - Journal of Commerce
Aerophilatelic Federation of the Americas News (with The Jack Knight Air Log)
Aeroplane and Astronautics, The
Aeroplane Monthly
Aeroplane Spotter, The
Aeroplane, The
Aeroplane, The, incorporating Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Historian
Aerospace Industries Association Newsletter
Aerospace Knowledge
AIAA Student Journal
Air & Space
Air & Space Smithsonian
Air Aces
Air Age
Air BP
Air Classics
Air Classics 25th Anniversary Special Edition 1964-1989
Air Classics Quarterly Review
Air Classics Review - Hell from the Heavens
Air Classics Salutes the 35th Anniversary of the United States Air Force, 1947-1982
Air Classics Special Edition Air War Over Korea 1950-53
Air Classics Special report
USAF Today
Air Combat
Air Combat 1978 Yearbook

Air Combat Special: The B-24D
Air Combat Special: Wings that Won the War
Air Combat, 1939-1945
Air Enthusiast
Air Enthusiast International
Air Enthusiast Quarterly
Air Extra
Air Facts
Air Fan International
Air Force
Air Force and Space Digest
Air International
Air Model
Air News
Air News New England
Air News with Air Tech
Air News Yearbook
Air News, incorporating Air Executive
Air Pictorial
Air Power
Air Power Historian, The
Air Power History
Air Progress
Air Progress - Air Trails Annual
Air Progress Aviation Review
Air Progress History of Aviation
Air Progress Homebuilt Aircraft
Air Progress Military Airpower
Air Progress Pilot Reports
Air Progress Sport Aircraft
Air Progress Sport Aircraft Annual
Air Progress Sport Aircraft Guidebook
Air Progress Ultralights
Air Progress Warbirds International
Air Racing Aerobatics
Air Racing Illustrated
Air Racing Magazine
Air Racing Unlimited
Air Reserve Gazette, incorporating Air Training Corps Gazette
Air Revue
Air Space Model
Air Sports International
Air Tales
Air Tech
Air Trails
Air Trails - Aviation for Everybody
Air Trails - Hobbies for Young Men
Air Trails - the Magazine of Vintage Aviation
Air Trails - The Model Builder's Guide
Air Trails Annual
Air Trails and Science Frontiers
Air Trails Bill Barnes Air Novel
Air Trails Classic Flying Models
Air Trails Complete Bill Barnes Air Novel
Air Trails Homebuilt Aircraft
Air Trails Military Aircraft
Air Trails Model Annual
Air Trails Pictorial
Air Trails Sport Aircraft
Air Trails World's Great Aircraft
Air Training Corps Gazette
Air Travel News
Air University Review

Air World
Air Youth Horizons
Airborne & R/C Models
(Australia/New Zealand)
Airborne (Australia/New Zealand)
Airborne Magazine (Australia/New Zealand)
Airborne Reader, The
Aircraft Age
Aircraft and Jets
Aircraft Buyers' Guide
Aircraft Illustrated
Aircraft Illustrated Extra
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, The
Aircraft Models International
Airfix Magazine for Plastic Modellers
Airlift-World Air Transportation
Airline Pilot
Airman, The
Airshow International
Airway Age
Airways Quarterly & Racing Annual
AKA Kiting
AKA News
Ali Nuove
ALLT OM Hobby (Sweden)
AMA Flightline Newsletter
AMA Flyer
AMA Insider
AMA Monthly Mailing
AMA National Newsletter
AMA News
AMA Youth
American Aircraft Modeler
American Aircraft Modeler Annual
American Airman
American Aviation
American Aviation Historical Society Journal
American Aviator, The - Airplanes and Airports
American Boy, The
American Boy, The, combined with Youth Companion
American History Illustrated
American Modeler

American Modeler - the Model Aviation Magazine
American Modeler Annual
American Space Modeling
American Way
AMLA Model Builder, The
Ampere Flyer, The
Angeles Antiquers
Annual Light Plane Guide
Annual Report of the NFFS Symposium
Antique Airfield Runway, The
Antique Airplane Association News
Antique Airplane Association Newsletter
Antique Airplane News
Antique Airplanes
Antique Flyer
Antiquer, The
AOPA Flight Training
AOPA Pilot
AOPA Pilot, The
AOPA Pilot Turbine
APM Bulletin

Armchair Aviator
Armed Forces Journal International
Arpiem, the Gas Model magazine
Astro Flight News
ATC Air Training Corps Gazette
Australian Airborne Models
(Australia/New Zealand)
Australian Model Hobbies
Australian Radio Control Modeler
Auto Modelli in Europa
(Netherlands/ Belgium)
Aviation 1969 Annual (by the editors of Plane & Pilot)
Aviation Adventures & Model Building
Aviation and Aeronautical Engineering
Aviation and Aircraft Journal
Aviation and Space Education Newsletter
Aviation and Space Magazine
Aviation Annual
Aviation Collector’s News
Aviation Heritage
Aviation History
Aviation Journal
Aviation Magazine
Aviation Magazine (USA)
Aviation Magazine, The (Japan)
Aviation Magazine de L'espace (France)
Aviation Magazine International (France)
Aviation Maintenance & Operations
Aviation Mechanics
Aviation Modeller International
Aviation Modeller International with Aeromodeller inside
Aviation Space
Aviation Space Education
Aviation Space Education & Aerospace Ambassador News
Aviation Stories & Mechanics
Aviation Week
Aviation Week & Space Technology
Aviation Week Business & Commercial Aviation
Aviation Week, includes Space Technology
Aviator's Guide


Backyard Flyer
Bakersfield Flying Team Satellite
Balsadust Quarterly
Baltimore Area Soaring Society Newsletter
Bat Sheet
BEAMS Flyer, The
BEAMS Update
Bee Hive
Bee Line Radio Control Avionics News, The
Bee Line, The
Best of Model Rocketter issue
Best of the Hangar Pilot
BIAF - Israel Aviation & Space Magazine
Bibliography of NFFS Symposium Reports
Big is Beautiful
BIIL Biuletyn Informacyjny Instytutu Lotnictwa
BIIL Pismo Przemyslu Lotniczego (Poland)
Bill Barnes Air Trails
BIRDS Eye Views
Blacksheep News Blip!
Bluegrass Banner, The
Boeing Model Airplane Program
Bouwen & Vliegen
Boys' Life for all Boys
Brainbuster Newsletter
Brief- Airborne Victory
British Aerospace Inc. Quarterly
British Aerospace Quarterly
Budget Flying
Build & Fly Your Own Plane
Bungee Cord
Butler Aviation News
Buzzard Droppings


CAAMA Newsletter
Canadian Model Aircraft
Canadian Model Aircraft Capital Area Flyers
Capital Quotes
Carrier Wave
Centennial Reporter
Challenge Specials - Scale Jets
Challenge Specials (R/C Special) - Top 1992 Scale R/C Airshows
Challenge's Scale Modeler
Channel Chatter
Chicago Aeronuts Bulletin
Chord & Span
CIAM Flyer
Clanking Armor of the Lincoln Sky Knights Radio Control Division Inc., The
Classic Aircraft
Classic RC Models
Classic Wings Downunder
Classroom Clipper
Cleveland Modelmaking New & Practical Hobbies
Cloud 9
Club/Officer Monthly Mailing
Cocalico Propbuster News
Code One

Control Tower, The
Combat Aircraft
Combat Aircraft Monthly
Combat Aircraft Monthly Supplement - United States Fighter ProgramsCombat Aircraft Monthly Supplement -Afghanistan Combat Air Operations, aircraft, bases, operations
Combat Edge, The
Competition Canada
Competition Newsletter
Control Line Speed & Racing Gazette, The
Control Line Technique
Control Line World

Cranfield Chronicle
Cross & Cockade Great Britain Back Issue Article Index
Cross & Cockade Great Britain Index
Cross & Cockade Great Britain Journal
Cross & Cockade International, Index for Journal Volumes
Cross & Cockade Journal
Cross and Cockade International Journal
Current Aviation
Current News, The
Custom Planes


Daily Blurb
DCRC Newsletter
De Vliegende Hollander
Der Flugmodellbau
Design News
Directory of Aerospace Education, The
Dirty Plastic
District X-The Newsletter
Dope Fumes
Douglas Airview
Duration Times
Dust Devil, The


EAA Experimenter
EAA Light Plane World
EAA Sport Aviation
EAA Sport Aviation for Kids

EAA Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft
Eagle's Nest, The
East Bay Radio Controllers Carrier
ECO Model
El Torbellino
Electric Aeromodelling Association
Electric Flight
Electric Flight International
Electric Flight UK
Engine Collectors' Journal
Engine Collectors' Journal, The
EOLE - Revue Modeliste Velivole
ESL - Eastern Soaring Lines
EWMA News, The
Exchange, The
Exchangite, The
Experimenter - Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft


FA Aviation News
FAI Bulletin, The
FAI CLS Gazette
Federation Aeronautique Internationale News
Feedback, The
FFN- Free Flight News
Fighter Pilots in Aerial Combat
Final Frontier
Fine Scale Modeler
Fine Scale Modeler Presents: Great Scale Modeling
Fine Scale Modeler/Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazines Special Issue: Welcome to the World of Scale Modeling
Flier's World, The
Flight - Aircraft, Spacecraft & Missiles
Flight - The Aircraft Engineer
Flight - The Aircraft Engineer & Airships

Flight and Aircraft Engineer
Flight and the Aircraft Engineer
Flight Digest
Flight Guide
Flight International
Flight Journal
Flight Journal Special: WWII Bombers - Untold Tales of Men and Machine
Flight Line
Flight Line, The
Flight Lines - the Journal of the Model Aerobatics Council of Ireland
Flight Magazine
Flight Plan
Flight Test Annual
Flightmasters - Flying Scale News & Views
Flightmasters, The - Scale News & Views
Flite Lines

Flug + Modell-technik (Germany)
Flug + Modell-technik mit RC Fernsteuer-Elektronik (Germany)
Flug Revue International (Germany)
Flug Sport (Germany)
Flugwelt (Germany)
Fly Paper
Fly RC
Flyer, The
Flyer's Newsletter, The

Flyg Revyn (Sweden)
Flyg Revyn Looping (Sweden)
Flying Aces
Flying Aces - The Magazine of the Flying Age
Flying Aces Club News
Flying Age - Including Flying Aces
Flying and Popular Aviation
Flying Annual

Flying Annual & Pilots’ Guide
Flying Cadet
Flying Classics
Flying including Industrial Aviation
Flying Model Designer & Constructor
Flying Models
Flying Models - including Air World and Flying Aces
Flying Models - including Flying Aces
Flying Models - including Flying Aces and Air World
Flying Models
Flying Review International
Flying Review International including Jane's All the World's Aircraft Supplement
Flying Safety
Flying Scale Models
Flying Sportsman and Skyways
Flying Stabs

Flying Times
Flying Times Quarterly
Flying Times Quarterly Sports Planes Annual
Flying Times Quarterly The Great American Antique and Classic Special

FMT Flug- Und Modelltechnik (Germany)
FMT Jubilaumsansgabe FMT-Special 19 (Germany)
For the Record
Free Flight - The National Free Flight Society Digest
Free Flight Experts' Forum
Free Flight Forum

Free Flight News - FFN (England)
Free Flight News (England)
Free Flight Quarterly
Fresno Model News
Friends Journal


G-8 and His Battle Aces
Gas Lines
Gas Toy Collector
Gateway R/C News
Gazette, The
Ghost Wings
Giant Flying Models
Giant R/C Scale Models -All R/C Quarter-Scale Issue, by the staff of Scale R/C Modeler
Giant Scale Models
Great Britain Aerobatic Association News
Grid Leaks
Grid Leaks - R/C Data Service
Grid Leaks - Radio Control World
Grid Leaks and Model Aircraft World


Hang Glider Weekly
Hang Kong Mo Xing (China)
Hang Overs
Hangar Flying
Hangar Pilot, The
Hangar Talk
Hangkong Moxing
Hawk Talk
Hawk's Squawk, The
HHL/D Newsletter
HIA Update
High Flight
Hi-Low Landings
His Air Dec News
Historic Aviation
Historical Aviation Album
Hobby Biz
Hobby Happenings
Hobby Horizons
Hobby Merchandiser
Hobby Merchandiser, The
Holy Toledo
Hot Leads


Ifju Solyom (Hungary)
IMAA High Flight
INAV-Indoor News & Views
Index of American Model Engines
Index to 1973-1983 Stunt News
Index to Cross & Cockade Journals
Index to Pro Stunt News
Index to Journal of the AAHS
Indian Modeller
Indoor News & Views
Indoor Report
Industrial Aviation
Inflight Annual
Informacni Listy
Insight on the News

Interavia with Electronics Supplement
Interconair Aviation & Marine International
International AeroPlans
International Air Review
International Antique Airplane Association News
International Antique Airplane Digest, The
International Flying Model Designer & Constructor
International Miniatures Aerobatic Club Newsletter
International Plastic Modelers' Society - United States branch Journal
International Plastic Modelers' Society Journal
International Plastic Modelers' Society USA Update
Interstate Intercom
IPMS Monthly
IPMS Panorama
IPMS Quarterly
IPMS Update
IPMS-USA Quarterly
IPMS-USA Quarterly Journal
IRCHA Jamboree, 2012 event coverage supplement from the publishers of Radio Control Heli Pilot, sponsored by Horizon Hobby
IRCHA Bulletin, The


JEFCO Flyer, The
Jersey Flyer, The
Jet Power
Jet Powered Scale Models Scale R/C Modeler Special
Journal - American Aviation Historical Society
Journal of Aerospace Education, The
Journal of International Aeromodeling
Journal of the Academy of Model Aeronautics
Journal of the American Aviation Historical Society
Journal of the Torrey Pines Gulls Radio Control Soaring Society
Jr. American Modeler
Junior Mechanics and Model Airplane News
Junior NAA News, The


Kapa Kollector, The
KC/RC Contacts
Keeping You Current
Kit Aircraft 1984
Kit Planes
Kite Lines
Kite Tails

Koku-Fan (Japan)
Koku-Fan, The (Japan)
Kpbiabr Poanhbi (Russian)

L' Album de Fanatique de L'aviation
L'Ala Notiziario SAM 301
L'aviation Illustrée
Le Modele Reduit D'Avion (France)
Learn to Fly R/C, Scale R/C Modeler Special
Left Overs
Letecky Modelar (Czechoslovakia)
Letectvi Kosmonautika (Russia)
Let's Go
Light Plane & Private Owner, The
Light Plane Guide
Light Plane Guide - Antique Issue
Light Sport and Ultralight Flying
Lightplane Review
Link, The
LK-Letectvi + Kosmonautika
Looking Up
Low Passes
Lufkin Aero Radio Control Modelers Club Bulletin


M.A.R.C.S. National Sailplane Symposium
M.E.C.A. Bulletin
M.E.C.A. Swap Sheet
M.E.C.A. Swap Sheet and Bulletin
MAAC Annual Report
MAAC Flyer, The
MACA Newsletter
MACH Magazine
Mail Call
Mansfield Electronic Flyers newsletter
Max-Out, The
MECA Bulletin
Meccano Magazine
Mechanikus (Hungary)
Mechanix Illustrated
MHT Model Helicopter Technique
Michigan Flying Times
Michigan RC Flying Times
Michigan Soaring League
Midwest Chirps
Midwestern Modeler
Military in Scale
Military Modeling
Miniature Aerobatic Biplane Association
Miniature Sport Aerobatics

Minneapolis Modeler
Model & Kit Review
Model Aeronautical Association of Australia Inc. Newsletter
Model Aeronautics
Model Aeronautics (England)
Model Aeroplane Constructor, The
Model Aeroplane Gazette
Model Aircraft
Model Aircraft Builder
Model Aircraft Engineer
Model Aircraft World
Model Air-Lines
Model Airplane
Model Airplane News
Model Airplane News - The World's Premier R/C Modeling Magazine
Model Airplane News - Radio Control Helicopter
Model Airplane News - Radio Control Ultimate Aerobatics
Model Airplane News - Radio Control Ultimate Electronics
Model Airplane News and Junior Mechanics
Model Airplane News Annual
Model Airplane News with new Radio Control Speed and Sport
Model Airplane News with R/C Boating
Model Airplane News with R/C Boats and Cars
Model Airplane Newsletter

Model Avia (France)
Model Aviation (USA)
Model Aviation (England)
Model Aviation, includes Air Youth Horizons
Model Aviation Canada
Model Aviation Model Planes Annual (England)
Model Aviation Planbook (England)
Model Aviation's Special Issue 2004- Nationals 2004
Model Aviators' Gazette, The
Model Builder
Model Builder, The
Model Craftsman, The
Model Dealer
Model Engine Collector, The
Model Engine Collectors Association Bulletin
Model Engine Collectors Association Bulletin & Swap Sheet
Model Engine Collectors Association Swap Sheet
Model Engine World
Model Engineer
Model Flyer

Model Flying
Model Flying Newsletter
Model Flying World
Model Helicopter News
Model Helicopter Technique-MHT
Model Helicopter World
Model Lismo
Model Maker
Model Maker & Model Cars
Model Maker, incorporating Model Mechanics
Model News
Model Retailer
Model Rocketeer
Model Rocketry
Model Shopper
Model World - Hangkong Moxing
Modelar (Czechoslovakia)
Modelar A Modely (Czechoslovakia)
Modelarz (Polish)
Model-Dope, The (Canada)
Modele Magazine (France)
Modelers' Journal
Modeling U.S. Navy Jets 1948-1988
Modell Bauplane
Modell Flugsport
Modell Hobby Med Sportflyg (Sweden)
Modell mit R/C- und transistor-elektronik (Germany)
Modellbau Heute (Germany)
Modellezes (Hungary)
Modell-Flug FMT-Special 8 (Germany)
Modellfly Informasjon (Norwegian)
Modellflygnytt (Sweden)
Modelli e Sport (Italy)
Modellistica (Italy)
Models & Modelers World
Modulator, The
Mogevucm Kohctpyktop
Monster News
MRA Le Modele Reduit D'Avion
Museum of Flight News
Mustangs, a Presentation of Warbirds International


NAA Eagle, The
NAA Skylights
NARA Pylon
NASA Report to Educators
NASAO State Aviation Newsletter
National Aeronautic Association Junior Membership News, The
National Aeronautic Association Junior NAA News, The
National Aeronautic Association News-A-Gram
National Aeronautic Association Newsletter
National Aeronautic Magazine, The
National Aeronautics
National Aeronautics and Flight Plan
National Geographic
National Geographic World
National Glider and Airplane News
National Hobby Dealers Association Newsletter, The

National Hobbyist, The
National Life Magazine
National Newsletter
National Power Glider - The Magazine of Practical Aviation
National Retail Hobby Stores Association Newsletter, The
National Sport Pattern Association - NSPA
Naval Aviation News
Navy, the Magazine of Sea Power
NCFFA Challenge
NCLC Gazette
NCRCHA Rotor Wing News
New York Indoor Times, The
New Zealand Newsletter
(New Zealand)
New Zealand Wings (New Zealand)
News Letter
Newsletter Round-the-Circle
Newsletter, The
Newton Area R/C Club Newsletter
Newton County R/C Flyers
NMPRA High Performance
NMPRA News Release
NMPRA News Release High Performance
Norair Modeler North Shore R/C Club
Northrop Aviation Modeler
NSM - A Quarterly Journal of the National Soaring Museum
NSM - The National Soaring Museum's Historical Journal

NSM Historical Journal
NSM News-Newsletter of the National Soaring Museum
NZ Model Flyers World


Oklahoma Radio Kontrol Society Tork Talks, The
Old Time Plane Talk
Open Road - The Young People's Magazine
Open Road for Boys, The
Over the Front
Ozark Magazine


PAM News
Park Pilot
Parks & Recreation
Parks Air College Pictorial Review
Patty's Pinkie
Patuxent Flyer
Pelican Droppings
Peoria R/C Modelers Inc., The
Pilot’s Guide to Flying
Pittsburg Radio Control Club Newsletter
Plane & Pilot
Plane & Pilot magazine’s Air Racing 1971 Annual
Plane & Pilot magazine’s The Aviation 1970 Annual
Plane & Pilot Magazine Book 1971 World Aircraft Annual
Plane & Pilot, now including Airways
Plane & Pilot's Homebuilt Aircraft
Plane News, The
Plane Prop Wash
Plane Talk
Planes of D-Day, Scale R/C Modeler
Planeurs Et Avions Magazine
Plans and Construction Guide (UK)
Plastic Aircraft Models
Plastic Kit Constructor
Plastic Post, The
Popular Aviation
Popular Aviation & Aeronautics
Popular Aviation including Southern Aviation and Aeronautics
Popular Aviation combined with Aeronautics
Popular Aviation combined with Practical Mechanics
Popular Flying
Popular Mechanics
Popular Planes
Popular Planes Quarterly Sport Planes Special
Printed Circuit
Private Pilot
Private Pilot Presents: Aviation Art Gallery

Pro Stunt News
Product Support Quarterly
Professional Pilot
(Austria - written in German language)
Prop Busters
Prop Kicks
Prop Talk
Prop Torque
Prop Wash



QFI - Quiet Flight International
QSAA International Quarterly Newsletter
QSAA Monster News
QSAA Newsletter
QSAA Quarterly International Newsletter
QSAA Quarterly Newsletter
QST-Devoted Entirely to Amateur Radio
Quarter Scaler, The
Quarterly, The, International Plastic Modelers' Society - USA
Quarterly, The, IPMS/USA
Quiet & Electric Flight International
Quiet Flyer


R/C Data Service Grid Leaks and Model Aircraft World
R/C Excellence
R/C Model Builder
R/C Modeler
R/C Modeler Magazine
R/C Notes
R/C Racing News
R/C Report
R/C Rotory Modeler
R/C Scale Aircraft International
R/C Soaring Digest
R/C Special - Milestones of Model Aviation
R/C Special - R/C Awards Best Buys
R/C Special Buyer's Guide to Scale R/C
R/C Sportsman
R/C Sportsman News Magazine
Radio Control and Model Aircraft World - Grid Leaks
Radio Control Data Service Grid Leaks and Model Aircraft World
Radio Control Jet International

Radio Control Microflight
Radio Control Model Flyer
Radio Control Model Shopper
Radio Control Model World
Radio Control Modeler
Radio Control Modeler Annual
Radio Control Models & Electrics
Radio Control Models & Electrics Special - Radio Control Aircraft Extra
Radio Control Models & Electrics-RCM&E
Radio Control Models and Electrics
Radio Control News
Radio Control Scale Aircraft Quarterly
Radio Control Sport Flying
Radio Control Symposium
Radio Control Technique
Radio Controlled Helicopters
Radio Controlled Soaring Digest
Radio Helicopter USA
Radio Modelisme - Electronique Animation
Radio Modelisme - La Revue des Loisirs Techniques (France)
Radio Modeller
RAF Aces
Rassegna Tecnica Di Aeromodellismo
RC Cue
RC Elektroflug
RC Heli
RC Helikopter FMT-Extra 10
RC Helikopter FMT-Extra 2 (Germany)
RC Limited
RC Micro World
RC Model
RC Model World
RC Modeler
RC Modelle
RC Modely
RC Motorflug
RC Sailplane Model Soaring
RC Scale International
RC Segelflug FMT-Extra 13
RC Segelflug FMT-Extra 9 (Germany)
RC Sport Flyer
RC Video Magazine On Location
RCM - Radio Commande Magazine
RCM R/C Modeler Magazine
RCM Radio Control Modeler
RCM&E-Radio Control Models & Electrics
Rearwin Register
Recognition Journal
Redstick Radio Control Flying Club Newsletter
Relay Chatter
Remotely Piloted Magazine
Replica in Scale
Replica Newsletter
Replica Special Toledo Show Issue

Reserve Officer, The
Rivista di Modellismo (Italy)
Rivista di Modellismo - e giocattolo technico scientifico (Italy)
Rolls-Royce Magazine, The
Rotary Ramblings from Old Rhinebeck
Rotor & Wing International
Rotorhead Ramblings
Round-the-Circle Newsletter
Rover Barks
Royal Air Force Flying Review – British Edition
Royal Air Force Flying Review -International Edition
Royal Air Force Review
Royal Air Force Yearbook
RP News
Ryan Reporter


S&E Modeler - Sailplane & Electric Aircraft Modeler
S&E Modeler - Sailplane & Electric Modeler
Sailplane & Electric Modeler
Sailplane and Gliding
Sailplane Special Edition 1974-R/C Soaring Masters
Sailplane-the Voice of RC Soaring
Sam 35 Speaks
SAM Journal
SAM Speaks
SAM-7 Yankee Flyer

SAM-39 Speaks
SAME Free-Flight Forum
Sample Case, The
Satellite, The - The Voice of the San Valeers
Scale Aircraft Modeler
Scale Aircraft Modeling
Scale Aircraft Series - Allied Warbirds of World War Two in R/C Flying Scale
Scale Aircraft Series - Scale Jets
Scale Aviation Modeller International
Scale Modeler
Scale Modeler and Military Modeler
Scale Modeler Christmas Buyer's Guide
Scale Modeler Kitbashing Special
Scale Modeler Modeling Flighters of the Luftwaffe 1940-1945
Scale Models
Scale Models International
Scale Models, incorporating Model Cars
Scale Models, incorporating Model Cars/Scale Models
Scale Models, incorporating PAM News
Scale Models, incorporating World Models

Scale News & Views
Scale R/C
Scale R/C Modeler
Scale R/C Modeler 1978 Yearbook
Scale R/C Modeler Bonus Issue
Scale R/C Modeler Famous Air Racers
Scale R/C Modeler Giant Scale Models II- Super Quarter-Scale R/C Issue
Scale R/C Modeler Planes of the Masters - a Pictorial History of Aviation Retold Via Scale Models
Scale R/C Modeler Scale Jets '86
Scale Slope & FAI R/C Soaring Quarterly
Scale Slope FAI & Thermal Sailplane Modeler
Scale Staffel Newsletter
Scatter - FAI Free Flight Journal
Scatter Pylon, The
Scientific American
Scramble Sheet
Secretary Ramblings
Shell Aviation News
SHF News
Short Wing Piper News
Silent Flight International
Silent Fly Sheet
Silent Flyer!
Silents Please
Sky Dusters
Skylight Flashes
Skyline - North American Aviation, Inc
Skyways including the Flying Sportsman
Skyways, Journal of the Airplane, 1920-1940
Skywriter Slope Flyer
SMAE Model Flyer
SMAE Newsletter
Smoke Signals
Smoke Signals Newsletter
Snoar News
Soaring & Motorgliding
Society of Electric Aircraft Modelers
South African Aeronews
Southern Aviation
Southern California Model News
Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles RC Club newsletter
Space Age
Space Journal
Spacefaring Gazette
Spartanburg Skynights Radio Control Model Airplane Club newsletter
Speed Times
Sport & Design Drachen
Sport Aerobatics
Sport Aviation
Sport Aviation and The Experimenter
Sport Aviation Annual
Sport Flyers News
Sport Flying
Sport Flying Quarterly
Sport Flying Special - The Best of Sport Flying, special classic & homebuilt issue
Sport Flying Special - Those Amazing Cub Clones
Sport Modelarski
Sport Modeler
Sport Pilot
Sport Pilot & Ultralights
Sport Pilot Hot Kits & Homebuilts
Sport Pilot Special - More Affordable Aircraft
Sport Pilot Special - The Best 1992 Airshows
Sport Rocketry
Sports Illustrated
Sports Planes
Sports Planes 1971 yearbook, a Plane & Pilot magazine book
Sportsman Aviation & Modelplanes
Sportsman Pilot
Sportsman Pilot, The
Squadron, The
Star Skippers
Star Skippers
Stinger, The
Stinson Plane Talk
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