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The Academy of Model Aeronautics National Model Aviation Museum is a beautiful facility that serves the entire model aviation world. It is a work in progress. Great inroads have been made to develop the facility as it stands today. We still have a very long way to go!

Many would argue that a museum is never completed, but is a constantly evolving process. The truth of this is borne out in a maturing museum. It has become necessary to establish a collection policy to maximize space and provide direction for the future. As a result, displays will change and artifacts will be rearranged to better illustrate the history of aeromodeling.

Part of this effort, which has high priority, is the identification and annotation of the current displays. If one of your models or other artifacts is displayed here or you know it to have been donated, we would enjoy receiving as many details about it as possible.

The Museum Patron Program allows for the ongoing support of the National Model Aviation Museum, but does not provide AMA insurance or Model Aviation magazine.

Patrons' annual contributions provide for library, model, and artifacts acquisition, as well as restoration. Contributions also make possible quality displays, lighting, and other refinements, such as video conversion of older film and electronic storage of valuable museum manuscripts and books.

The staff of the National Model Aviation Museum is interested in the views of visitors to the museum, especially those who have become Museum Patrons. The Museum Patron Program supports crucial work of the AMA Museum and the Lee Renaud Memorial Research Library. Vital restoration and preservation work must be done, and the museum must be expanded. Patrons are the driving force behind those efforts.

The Cloud 9 newsletter is sent to all Museum Patrons. This newsletter keeps Patrons informed about museum development and acquisitions and also provides a forum to express museum needs and allow patrons a unique opportunity to participate in museum plans and operations. Membership ends at the close of each calendar year, excluding Life Patronage.

For more information, please call (800) 435-9262 ext. 277.

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