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George Perryman was an active competitor in Dawn Unlimited FF Rubber event.  His final Dawn Unlimited model, the Gossymer II Speckled Bird, was built in 1998 and flown in the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 Nats.  It won the Dawn Unlimited event in 2002.  As the museum did not have any Unlimited Dawn model airplanes in the collection, the Family of George Perryman recently donated the Gossymer II Speckled Bird to the collection. 
Photo:  The Gossymer II Speckled Bird, photograph provided by the donor, 2013.25.01.

Hal deBolt built his Swiss Bipe RC Pattern model airplane to compete at the first Word Championships in Switzerland.  The Bipe performed well, earning the second highest flight score of the championships.  It became an international competitor, winning Canada and Japan's national contests in 1961.  After passing through a number of hands, the Bipe landed with Bill Parenti.   Bill donated it to the museum in 2013.  Missing the top wing completely and parts of the covering, the model is in rough shape, but the museum is hoping to restore the model.
Photo:  An undated photo of the Swiss Bipe when complete, provided by the donor, 2013.54.01.

In 1985, Ray Smith expanded Jim Walker's 74 Fighter glider toy to a replica six times the original size and flew it as an RC slope soaring model.  He flew the model for several years before retiring it due to its increasingly fragile state.  Ray turned his love of flying model airplanes into the business Hobbies Aloft, teaching interested students how to fly.  The Estate of Raymond Beach Smith recently donated the large 74 Fighter model and several items representing Hobbies Aloft to the museum.
Photo:  Even with a 6 foot wingspan, the 74 Fighter has the same graphics as the original, 2013.56.01.

Don Tichenor enjoyed building Control Line and Free Flight models, as well as collecting kits.  A small collection of kits, as well as a unique twin engine CL design by Don was recently donated to the museum In Memory of Don R. Tichenor.
Photo:  Don R. Tichenor designed this twin engine CL model, 2013.57.01.

Also recently donated:
Marc V. Pierce donated an Original Diamond Airfoil, CL Combat kit.
The A.L. Schmidt Collection of three engines and a Citizen-ship Model UR Receiver.
The Deep River RC Flying Club donated one of their club pins.
Several kits were donated in In Memory of Lloyd H. Lowry.
The James L. Belknap Estate donated two kits and modeling equipment.
J.C. Leisk donated radio equipment.
The Cedar Rapids Skyhawks donated a Testors Fly’em ARF kit.
Two engines were donated to the AMA by Louis Eltscher.
Toys Forever Models & Hobbies donated a Blade MCx helicopter, complete in its original packaging.