National Model Aviation Museum Archives

 The museum's oldest records and audio/visual
 materials are found in the archives, stored in
 acid-free folders and boxes.
 From top left - World War II spotter cards,
 acid-free flip-top box, Sky Fighters pulp novel,
 CD-ROMs and DVDs, booklet, VHS cassette tape,
 slides, photographic prints, and acid-free folders.


What is the National Model Aviation Museum Archives? The Archives stores and makes available "two-dimensional" materials that document the history of model aviation. Materials include:
  • Correspondence
  • Posters
  • Certificates
  • Membership cards
  • Catalogs, booklets, and pamphlets
  • Photographs (prints, slides and negatives)
  • Hand-drawn plans (Note: Most plans are stored with the AMA Plans Service)
  • Video tapes, audio tapes, DVDs, CDs, 8mm and 16mm film...
  • ...and more!
The majority of the collections cover the history of the AMA, its committees, competitions, and internal functions, but about 20% of the holdings are from outside donations. These manuscript collections donated by individuals have personal correspondence, certificates, photographs, and other personal memorabilia. We also have few records of individual clubs and companies. (Please note: Most of the AMA records in the Archives were produced post-1972. We do not have old membership number records.)

To donate your own papers, photographs, A/V materials, etc. or to schedule an appointment for researching in the Archives, please contact the Archivist/Historian, Jackie Shalberg:
      Telephone: (765) 287-1256 ext. 511
      Visit: 5151 E. Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302
Questions about donating? We have a step-by-step guide on how to donate here. Please contact the Museum before sending any materials. The Museum's updated wish list is here.
Want to research in the Archives? In-person research requires at least 24 hours' notice for preparation of materials and depends on staff availability. Please call or email ahead to verify availability. Researching in-person is free. Click here for other fees on our research fee list.
Want to read more about the Museum? Keep up-to-date about our object, archives, and library collections by reading the Museum's monthly column, "History Preserved," in Model Aviation magazine. (Examples: George Aldrich's Original Nobler and PAL clubs). We also have a newsletter, Cloud 9, which is mailed out to our Museum Patrons.
Want to learn more about the AMA and model aviation history? Click here to see the AMA History Project's main webpage.
Want a virtual tour of the museum's galleries? Visit our virtual tour page.


Films stored in the Archives include 16mm and 8mm professionally produced and homemade movies.
Pencils, paper and unbleached cotton gloves will be provided to you on your visit.
These are a few of the items from the Percy Pierce Collection, parts of which are currently on exhibit in the Museum's gallery.


Inside the secured Archives storage area, boxes are placed on numbered shelves.
One of our map case drawers opens to reveal oversized acid-free folders. These folders contain larger certificates, posters, panoramic photographs and more.
In 2007, rolling storage units were placed in the Museum building to hold the 700-plus boxes of archived materials owned by the Museum. Since then, the area has been secured in its own room within the building.

 Updated: JS 12/2017