Museum Wish List

Visitors often stop in the museum and, as they look around, remark that they do not see a particular airplane, radio, or engine on display. While they might be correct, that does not always mean the museum does not have those particular items in the collection. Due to the size of the museum’s exhibit space, and to better protect the artifacts, we periodically rotate various items on and off display.

There are, however, pieces, and in some cases entire classes, of items that we do not have any examples of in the collection.

It is the Museum's responsibility to preserve the history of model aviation and tell its story. With your help, we can present a more cohesive representation of that story for generations to come.

(If you have any of the objects listed below, please call us at (765) 287-1256 ext. 508 or 511, or email )

Model airplanes.  Do you have one of these types of model airplanes that you believe should be in the museum?  What are you waiting for?  Submit it!

  • A turbine powered aircraft with turbine installed, as right now we only have a few turbines in the collection - but none in aircraft
  • A Control Line asymmetrical speed model, as we do not have any in the collection.
  • Control Line Endurance as an event was flown beginning in 1955-1956.  We do not have any examples of this type.
  • Control Line Dive Bombing and Straffing appeared in the 1968 AMA Rulebook.  We do not have any examples of this type.

Model Helicopters.  Have one of these?  Begin the donation process now!

  • A Graupner Bell 222 - with landing retracts
  • A T-Rex 450, version 1


  • Draganflyer III, sold by Draganfly Innovations, 2001.
  • Draganflyer RC Flying Saucer, 1998.
  • Parrot AR from 2010
  • DJI Phantom from about 2013

Kits, engines and things.  You don't need to fill out a form for these.  Just email to discuss.

  • Both early and late style glow plugs, and copper gaskets for glow plugs.  These will be used to replace broken or missing glow plugs in the engine collection.
  • 2008 Nats memorabilia. We're not sure how we missed collecting this, but we did.  If you have a 2008 Nats T-shirt, lapel pin or sticker, we're looking for some.
  • Engine - manufactured by W.A. Gamage of London, circa 1909
  • Engine - manufactured by The Baby Engine Co. of Stamford CT, circa 1911
  • Engine - manufactured by the Aero Engine Company, Boston, MA, circa 1913


Books and Magazines

We would like to add these books to the library:

See more at our Amazon Wish List!

Model Aeroplaning Its Practice and Principles, Johnson, V.E.  The 1920 or 1922 edition specifically. (We have the 1910 edition already, but a 2nd copy wouldn't go amiss.)

Aviation and All about It, Collins, A. Frederick, 1929.  Thanks to this list, we have already received one copy of this book.  We generally like to keep two copies of older books, so if you have a copy, please contact Maria at .

Modern Models; Including full instructions for making and using model aeroplanes, dirigibles, hydro-aeroplanes, mono-rail models, wireless telegraphy, X-ray apparatus, etc. by V.E. Johnson 1919

The Design of Model Aeroplanes, by F. J Camm, 1919 Hardcover

Model Aeroplanes: The Building of Model Monoplanes, Biplanes, etc., by F.J. Camm, 1929

Model Aeroplanes and Airships: With special chapters on gliders, helicopters, wing-flapping models, kites, and full-size gliding, (Newnes home mechanic books) by F. J Camm, 1931

How to build and fly a Model Aeroplane, by Fred O Armstrong, 1927

The Model Aeroplane Manual - a Practical Handbook on the Building and Flying of Model Aeroplanes - Marshalls Practical Manuals No. 12, by R. Langley, 1929

The Boy Mechanic. Book 1 - 700 things for boys to do. How to construct model aeroplanes, boats, amusement novelties, homemade toys, winter and summer sport devices, camp equipment, edited by H.H. Windsor, 1929 Hardcover

Model Aircraft: A Practical Handbook On The Making And Flying Of Model Aeroplanes by W. Rigby, 1935 Hardcover

The New Model Aeroplane Manual: A practical handbook on the building and flying of model aeroplanes (Marshall's practical manuals--no. 12) by Lawrence H Sparey, 1936 Hardcover

Model Aircraft Yearbook., by Zecchitella, Phillip, 1936

To see our list of the most asked-about magazine titles with issues we need for the library, click on the image below:

This list was last updated on April 10, 2018. This is not an all-inclusive list. There are other titles we have that we might need issues of, so if you don’t see a title of a magazine you have listed, just ask us and we will be happy to let you know what issues of that title we need. Email us at .

Due to the conditions of our ever-aging 1929 to 1939 Model Airplane News issues in our library storage, we are requesting two copies of each issue from 1929 to 1939 in great condition that can be used as access copies for our patrons.

We are also looking for some of the newsletters for IMAC. The titles we are looking for are National Sport Pattern Association – NSPA, Miniature Aerobatic Biplane Association – MABA, International Miniature Aerobatic Club Newsletter, and Miniature Sport Aerobatics. Here are the dates/issues we are looking for:

Any produced before 1974
1974: Jan, June, Nov, Dec
1975: Sept, Nov, Dec
1976: Jan, Feb, Apr, May
1977: Jan, Feb, March, Apr, May, June, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
1978: Jan, Feb, May, July, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec
1980: Fall
1981: Winter
1982: Any issues except for Winter and June
Need one copy of any issue printed from 1986 on.

We now have a complete run of KAPA Kollector newsletters! We received these copies in the summer of 2015. Thank you to our donors and advocates for making this happen!


Club Histories

Are you a member of a club?
Do you want more people to know about your club?
Do you know its history?
If so, we would like to hear from you!

The AMA’s History Project was created to tell the complete story of model aviation through a collection of histories of modelers, clubs, and companies. There are thousands of model aviation-related clubs in the United States, but our Project only has the histories of eight clubs in our online collection! Please help us document the history of modeling clubs by sharing your stories with us. You help us by adding to the overall history of American modeling clubs, and we help you by getting the word out about your club and potentially attracting new members.

Telling us about your club is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Print out our Club History Writing Guide. I can be found online found by clicking here.
2. Write as much as you can about the club. Make sure to read and complete the consent form, which is the last page of the guide.
3. Mail the completed Club History Writing Guide (with completed consent form) and any additional materials (such as photos) to: Academy of Model Aeronautics, Attn: History Project, 5151 E. Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302, or send via email to . We will contact you if we have any questions.

For more information about the AMA History Project, click here.