The FCC recently published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) that proposes to revise Part 95 of the Federal Communications Commission’s rules. Part 95 "Personal Radio Services" contains the FCC rules that apply to the Radio Control (R/C) Radio Service that is used by individuals and modelers to control model aircraft and surface vehicles. Although there are no major changes proposed to the R/C rules, the FCC very seldom revisits these rules and this proceeding provides a rare opportunity for persons with expertise in this field to share their suggestions for updating or improving them.

FCC-10-106A1.pdf  FRsummary Part95.pdf

AMA’s FCC attorney, Ray Kowalski, has prepared this: AMA-COMMENTS_ON_PART_95.pdf

AMA members may also choose to respond individually. The deadline for submitting comments is September 3, 2010. Further information and instructions for making comment can be found in the PDF copies of the NPRM notice and the Federal Register summary provided in the links above.

Any thoughts or suggestions you may have regarding AMA’s response to the NPRM can be forwarded to AMA’s Technical Director,   or to the Electronic Technology Committee (ETC) via .

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