2008 AMA Flight Support Team

AMA is proud to introduce our Flight Support Team, a new community program to support 2008 onsite events at the International Aeromodeling Center.

Our community partners recognize that AMA onsite events bring thousands of visitors during the flying season who spend dollars in our community. Their generous donations help AMA continue to host the many competition events held annually, and in turn, AMA promotes and encourages our members to look for and support members of the Flight Support Team.


Community members of the FST play a valuable role in supporting Muncie aeromodeling events such as the National Championships, and welcoming thousands of competitors and visitors to Muncie that impact the areas economy. You can choose either a $250 level or a $500 level of support. All Flight Support Team company names will appear on banners at the International Aeromodeling Center’s competition events and are also featured in community information listings that are mailed to all competitors. Additionally, posting of your company name on our Web page is offered with the $500 level of support.

Please consider becoming an FST member. Together, our community will prosper. If you would like more information on the program, please contact Mary Lou at (765) 287-1256 extension 201.

Best Western Muncie
3011 W. Bethel
Muncie IN 47304
(765) 282-0600

Days Inn Muncie
3509 N. Everbrook Ln.
Muncie IN 47304
(765) 744-0892

First Merchants Trust Company
200 E. Jackson Street
Muncie IN 47304
(765) 751-1872

Jay-Crew Landscape, Inc.
2901 S. Gharkey St.
Muncie IN 47302
(765) 289-5296

Nature’s Way, Inc.
7330 N. Wayport Rd.
Bloomington IN 47408

12th Street Café
1900 Mock Avenue
Muncie IN 47302

Signature Inn
3400 N. Chadam Ln.
Muncie IN 47304
(765) 284-4200

Elite Print Services, Inc
4300 S. Madison St.
Muncie IN 47302
(765) 284-1478

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