AMA Launches Online Forums and RSS Feeds

June 17th, 2009

The ability to communicate with its membership is key to the success of any membership organization. AMA is no different, and during the last year-and-a-half we have been working on enhancing our communications network.

On Monday, June 8, 2009, AMA launched a Members Only online forum. This forum is not intended to compete with the other popular, more traditional model aviation-related forums. These forums play an important role in the modeling community and are a good resource for model aviation-related information. Our AMA forum will be dedicated to an exchange of AMA-related information. It will be another conduit that we can use to share information with our members as well as a place where questions relevant to the AMA can be asked and answered. Although posting privileges are intended for our members, the ability to read posts will be available to all.

In addition to our new forum, we have also implemented an RSS feed in the AMA News section of our Web site. When subscribed to this feed, you will automatically be notified or, depending on your choice, updates will automatically be downloaded to your browser or e-mail program whenever content on our page changes.

We expect that both of these new features will help in keeping our members more informed about important AMA issues as well as keeping members updated on things that are happening within their organization.

Technical information:
If you visit the forums for the first time, or are not logged in, you will see this message at the top: You are either not logged in or have not accepted the forum agreement. Please click here to post on the forums.  Once you click the link and log in, you will be asked to read the agreement, and choose your forum name.  It is advised to be logged in before visiting the forums.

AMA is also formally introducing the availability of RSS feeds.   Not sure what an RSS feed is?  This Web site explains it well.

"RSS provides a convenient way for content publishers to distribute information in a standardized format.  A common example of RSS content is sources of information such as news headlines that are frequently updated.

The benefit of RSS is the aggregation of all content from multiple Web sources in one place. You no longer have to visit different Web sites to obtain the latest information on your topics of interest. With RSS, summaries of content are delivered to you, and then you decide which articles you want to read by clicking a link".

Outlook 2007

The feed can quickly be added to Outlook 2007 (just right click on RSS Feeds folder and click Add a New RSS Feed... and paste the above URL with CRL-V), Internet Explorer, or an RSS reader.

Internet Explorer 8

In Internet Explorer 8, when you view the RSS page there is a link up at the top that you can click that states: Subscribe to this feed.  A box will pop up, then click the Subscribe button.  Once complete the link will change to read: View my feeds which will show you how to find the feeds you are subscribed to (The feeds are found by clicking on the favorites button).

Firefox 3

In Firefox 3, when you view the RSS page there is a link that states: Subscribe to this feed using, and a drop down box where you can pick Google, My Yahoo, Outlook 2007, or your own RSS application.  You may also choose Live Bookmarks, which adds a button to your bookmarks toolbar, and lists the last 6 news items.


Similarly in Apple's Safari browser you are given the option of subscribing to the feed, and adding it to your mail program, or the the bookmarks folder.

Windows Vista

RSS feeds can be added directly to the sidebar on Windows Vista, by following the steps above for Internet Explorer 8, then the steps described at this Web site.


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