Delivery of Model Aviation

Some members may have noticed recent changes in the delivery of Model Aviation, the flagship publication of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. These changes have to do with when members receive their copy in the mail.

As anyone who mails a letter or package knows, the cost of postage has risen steadily in recent years. Most recently, all of us saw a jump in mail prices in mid-May. The same will hold true for magazines and periodicals. Magazines are facing an increase in postage of as much as 14 percent, effective July 15, 2007.

Model Aviation’s printer, RR Donnelley, is working with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to provide new mail sorting technology that moves magazines through the system faster and reduce a publisher’s postage expenses. Following paper, postage is second largest expense incurred by a periodical publisher so this savings is a significant step to offset spiraling magazine costs.

Donnelley is aware that timely delivery of Model Aviation is important to our members and our expectation is that they will work with the USPS to improve the distribution service promptly. 

We are often asked, “When should I receive my magazine?” In the past, members could expect their copy within a day or two of the same date the previous month. This is no longer true with the new mail technology, and some members are reporting their copies are not showing up until after the first of the month for the magazine’s cover date.

Others are reporting seeing Model Aviation in their local hobby shop before they see it in their mailbox. What we can say is that it is reasonable to expect your copy in the mailbox no later than the first week of the month. If it does not arrive by that time, please contact an AMA Membership Services representative ( ) or call 1 (800) 435-9262 so your address can be checked and we can make a note of the late delivery; if E-mailing or leaving a message, please leave your full name, AMA number, and address. In the subject line of the E-mail please note: Model Aviation delivery. This will allow us to create a database and track the situation more accurately.

We will continue to monitor this problem closely and are examining options if the situation does not improve. Please check back for further updates in Model Aviation and on the AMA Web site.

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