Date: February 27, 2012
Contact: Chris Brooks, APR
765-287-1256, ext. 276

AMA wins Addy Awards for creative excellence, AMA Flight School

I N D I A N A P O L I S – The Academy of Aeronautics’ new online flight instruction school for budding, young aviators, AMA Flight School, won two Addy Awards February 24 from the Indianapolis chapter of the American Advertising Federation at its annual awards ceremony in Indianapolis. A gold award for “Advertising for the Arts – Interactive,” and a silver award for “Elements of Advertising – Illustration, Campaign.”

“We are very much indebted to our creative partners, BasementTV, for developing such a vibrant and effective online teaching tool,” said Bill Pritchett, AMA’s Education director and co-producer of the project along with Mark Benson, AMA’s New Media manager. “We think the many thousands of youngsters who are sparked by aviation will really take to this technology.”

AMA Flight School provides age-appropriate lessons on aeronautics, teaching such principles as lift, drag, thrust and weight with colorful cartoon characters. The interactive program is narrated by AMA’s national ambassador, Robert “Hoot” Gibson, a retired astronaut and former pilot and commander of the Space Shuttle. Gibson has been an aeromodeler since his early youth has flown more than 117 types of full-scale aircraft.

The online flight school is still in its formative stage, and will progress upward from the early elementary school-age offering showcased at the Addy Awards to a more sophisticated interactive instruction for older youth.

The Advertising Federation of America’s Indianapolis chapter is its second oldest, founded in 1907.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics, founded in 1936 during the Golden Age of Aviation, has recently provided an increased focus on its educational mission, partnering with such organizations as the Civil Air Patrol, EAA, Commemorative Air Force, FAA and Youth Aviation Adventure for youth outreach in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs. Headquartered in Muncie IN, AMA has 17,000 youth members out of its 143,000 members nationwide.

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