AMA Seeking Volunteer Host/Hostess

The Academy is reaching out to membership in a new way in 2011! Keeping watch over the 1,100-acre International Flying Site in Muncie Indiana, is a formidable task. Borrowing a very successful page from the National Park Service and many state park programs, the Academy is seeking retired volunteer couples to participate in our volunteer program as flying site hosts.

Requirements for this position are very simple:

  1. Must possess a love of all aspects of model aviation.
  2. Own an RV suitable for 30-day stays.
  3. Have outstanding people skills and a willingness to represent the AMA in a positive manner to fellow members and guests.
  4. Willing to live onsite for one month during the season (April - September).
  5. Follow all flying site rules and guidelines.
  6. Familiarity with model aviation and flying sites norms and customs a plus.
  7. Individuals that provide a service (such as a vendor) will not be allowed to participate in the program.
  8. Current AMA membership for at least one of the applicants.

The Academy will provide volunteers with the following:

  1. Camping site with full hookups.
  2. Transportation for use on site.
  3. You will be provided with one hat and 5 shirts with AMA Host/Hostess designation.
  4. Museum store discounts.

Duties will include:

  1. Helping members and visitors visiting the flying site.
  2. Helping ensure that AMA safety code is observed on the flightlines.
  3. Helping check in/register members and visitors at the camping sites.
  4. Communicating with AMA staff on conditions of flying site.
  5. Helping with special events held on site

We are seeking one host couple for each month of the flying season. If you would like to apply to become an AMA Host, contact at AMA Headquarters.  Because of the nature of this opportunity, we are asking for couples only. To download an application in PDF format, click here.

These positions are not available to any AMA employee or official, either past or present.

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