Aeromodeling Activity Survey

Attention All AMA Members:

AMA is currently in the process of collecting data from its members in an effort to quantify the amount of aeromodeling activity occurring in the US on an annual basis. This information is crucial to helping us understand what is currently happening with regard to RC modeling, and it is vital to our efforts in protecting the hobby and planning for the future.

Last week we sent out an email notice to all AMA members that have provided the Academy with an email address. However, there are many members whom we’re unable to contact through an electronic mailing. As such we are requesting your assistance in assuring as many AMA members participate in the survey as possible.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to complete the survey at

Once completed, please contact the members of your club and all the members you know and provide them with this information. The member survey will close on Friday, August 22nd.

Anyone who flies RC model aircraft is encouraged to participate. This survey is conducted through an independent third party used previously by AMA and your identity as a participant is completely protected. The results of the survey are used only in the aggregate to help AMA gather this information.

Again, please pass this information on to all the members you know. If they haven’t already participated, relay the importance of gathering this information and encourage them to do so.

Thank you for your interest in protecting the future of Model Aviation

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