Information for Turbine Waiver Holders

Upon recommendation by the AMA Safety Committee, on August 12, 2007, the AMA Executive Council approved substantial changes to the turbine-waiver regulations for pilots.

You can find the specific changes in Document 510-A at or request a copy of the document from Ilona Maine of the Programs Department at or (765) 287-1256, extension 251.

The following is a summary of the changes.

  • All references to a notarization process, either explicit or implied, have been removed.
  • The renewal process has been eliminated. Once obtained, the waiver remains in effect unless revoked for cause.
  • A process for temporary suspension has been added to the section providing for waiver removal or revocation. This section provides a means to identify operational or safety issues, on an individual waiver-holder basis, that can be addressed without undergoing a complete reapplication process.

These changes attempt to reflect the effort that has been made within the turbine community to act responsibly and police its activity effectively. Additional actions reflecting AMA’s administration of the program are currently being put into effect. These should help ease some of the current CDs’ workloads in the field and at Headquarters.

Waiver holders and CDs are urged to study the approved changes. Although many CDs do not normally have turbines operating at their events, they may find knowledge of the proper documents necessary in some situations, such as at demonstrations, air shows, and CL and RC Scale contests.

CDs currently receive documents with sanction materials that provide information about turbine procedures. If you are a CD and have not received these documents with your sanction materials, you can contact AMA Headquarters or locate them on the AMA Web site.

—AMA Headquarters

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