Comparison of Full Adult vs. Park Pilot membership

Open membership

Park Pilot membership



$2.5 million liability insurance

$500,000 liability insurance

Accident/Medical insurance

No Accident/Medical insurance

Fire, theft, and vandalism insurance.

No fire, theft, or vandalism insurance

$2.5 Million Flying Site Owner's Insurance*

$2.5 Million Flying Site Owner's Insurance*

Monthly subscription to Model Aviation magazine

Quarterly subscription to Park Pilot magazine

Flying at all AMA sanctioned contests

Can only fly at non-rule book sanctioned events.

Open Members have access to the Contest Calendar when they receive Model Aviation

Park Pilot members will receive no such notice on any events other than Park Pilot Class C events

AMA cards will remain the same format as in years past

Park Pilot card will be different from the standard AMA card

No restrictions on type of aircraft that you fly other than established by the Official AMA National Safety Code

Can only fly park flyers or quiet-powered models that meet the class definition. Internal-combustion-powered models cannot be flown with this membership

Voting privileges in AMA officer elections

No voting privileges in AMA officer elections

Open Members can remain members of existing clubs

If an Open member chooses a Park Pilot membership, you may or may not remain a member of that local club depending on how that club views park fliers

Open Members can still fly at the local club field

As a Park Pilot Member, flying may or may not be restricted to just the NEW fields approved only for Park Pilot members (that decision is left to existing Open clubs)

*Available to AMA Chartered Clubs upon request.

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