Park Pilot Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Q: Can I fly with my Park Pilot membership at an existing AMA Chartered club field?
A: The ultimate decision concerning whether you can fly at an existing AMA Chartered club’s field rests with the existing AMA Chartered club officers. The AMA hopes that you will establish your own park pilot field. One of the intents of the AMA Park Pilot Program is to establish new fields for park pilots in urban as well as rural areas. Think how convenient it would be to travel within a couple of blocks to fly park airplanes and helicopters with your friends. 

2) Q: How do you go about setting up an AMA chartered club field?
A: The first step is to get a copy of the AMA Park Pilot Manual and DVD. You will find these two resources invaluable in providing a wealth of guidance about securing your flying field. 

3) Q: Can Park Pilot members form an AMA Chartered club?
A: Yes. Forming a chartered club requires a minimum of five (5) AMA members, three (3) of whom must be adults. 

4) Q: How do we identify the new Park Pilot member? Is the membership card going to be different?
A: Yes. Park Pilot members will have a different color card imprinted with the new Park Pilot logo. 

5) Q: Can Park Pilots fly at sanctioned events?
A: Park Pilot members may not fly in sanctioned AMA rulebook events. They may participate in sanctioned non-rulebook inter club, intra club, and Class C events as long as the model they fly meets the definition of a Park Pilot model. The event's Contest Director would verify the individual's membership status at sign in. 

6) Q: Who will police the flightline to see they only fly appropriate aircraft?
A: If the flightline is organized by an AMA Chartered Club, we ask that the club confirm the status of the member, as they would with any AMA member. Rules or requirements that apply to any AMA member would also be applicable to a Park Pilot member with the additional stipulation that Park Pilot members are restricted to flying models that fit the definition of a park flyer model.



1) Q: What type aircraft may Park Pilot members fly?
A: Aircraft are limited to 2 pounds in weight and speeds of less than 60 mph. The quiet, slow-flying park flyer aircraft allow them to fly in areas in which traditional-style models are not allowed to fly. This opens up the possibility of new fields in both outdoor and indoor venues. 

2) Q: Are the insurance benefits the same for this membership category as for the regular AMA membership category?
A: No. The liability coverage is limited to $500,000; fire, theft, vandalism, and medical are not included. 

3) Q: How much does this membership cost?
A: $38 

4) Q: Are Park Pilot members eligible to vote in AMA elections?
A: No. They are not eligible to vote in AMA annual officer elections. 

5) Q: If you fly outside the rules noted for Park Pilot members, what might happen?
A: Your AMA coverage may be voided. 

6) Q: Can a Park Pilot member be an Intro Pilot instructor?
A: Yes. A Park Pilot member can become an AMA Intro Pilot instructor to train individuals on park flyer aircraft only. 

7) Q: Is a life membership available for Park Pilot members?
A: No there is not.

8) Q: If I am a current AMA member can I convert to the Park Pilot membership category?
A: Yes; however, you must understand that you will lose significant benefits you currently enjoy with your adult membership—primarily, the extent of your insurance benefits! These include fire, theft, vandalism, and accident/medical coverage, and the full $2.5 million in liability coverage will be reduced to $500,000. Additionally, you will not be able to fly aircraft that do not meet the park flyer definition; you will lose your right to vote in the annual AMA officer elections, and finally, your monthly subscription to Model Aviation magazine will be eliminated.


Park Pilot Magazine

1) Q: Is the Park Pilot magazine available by subscription to regular AMA members?
A: Yes. The additional cost per subscription is $9.95 to subscribe, For questions about the Park Pilot Program, contact Ben Flesher by email or at extension 275. .

2) Q: Is the Park Pilot magazine available to non-members by subscription?
A: No. You have to be a member of AMA to subscribe to Park Pilot. 

3) Q: Is Park Pilot available on the newsstand or available via single-copy sales?
A: Yes. You can purchase Park Pilot in select hobby shops that already support AMA programs. 

4) Q: What is the cover price of Park Pilot at the hobby shop?
A: The cost is $3.95. 

5) Q: Can a Park Pilot member get a subscription to Model Aviation?A: Yes. The Park Pilot member would be considered a regular subscriber and charged $36 per year for Model Aviation. Additional postage applies for non-US addresses. 


AMA Web Site Information

1) Q: Can I apply for a Park Pilot membership through the AMA Web site?
A. Yes. Visit or and click on Join/Renew. If you are a renewing member, select Renew and choose the “Park Pilot” member option. If you have never been a member of AMA, select New, then the Park Pilot membership option.

2) Q: Can I get help with my park flyer model?
A. Yes. The Members Only section of the AMA Web site contains much information. You must be a current member to access this section. Choose the “Park Pilot Partner” menu option.


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